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Synchronous in Series

SIEB & MEYER Motion Controller MC2

Modern, complex processing and inspections systems operate on the basis of ultrasonics, X-ray sources or image recognitions systems. These technologies offer maximum precision. In practice, though, powerful motion control systems are required to make full use of it. SIEB & MEYER provides the right solution ‒ the Motion Controller MC2 and the associated drive amplifier series SD2S.

The Motion Controller MC2 is the link between the higher-ranking PC-based control level and one or more SIEB & MEYER drive amplifiers of the series SD2/SD2S. It receives and processes the data and commands from the control and forwards these to the drive. This way an intelligent drive system is created permitting precise and synchronous control of up to eight positioning axes using a PC-based analysis software. The communication is established via UDP (User Datagram Protocol) according to IEC 61800 by means of Ethernet connection. An optionally available field bus module provides interfaces for Profinet, EtherCAT, Profibus and other bus systems. The communication with the SIEB & MEYER-drives is established via SERVOLINK 4 (optical fibers).

Time-synchronous Data from the Drive System

In the field of processing and inspection systems the software-based analytical process must be synchronized as accurately as possible with the real line of motion in the machine. This requirement often poses problems because the signals provided by the motion control systems or the drive amplifiers differ from the signals of the analyzing system and they are not time-synchronous. For this reason the data of the position measuring systems must be prepared by cost-intensive evaluation units. The drive system MC2/SD2S by SIEB & MEYER provides the opportunity to take this information directly from the drive amplifier making it available with a resolution of 0.1 µm. MC2 permits flexible configuration of the data evaluation in the application interface. Thus, the system contributes substantially to cost reduction and optimizes the overall quality of the plant.

Real-time Transmission to the Drive Amplifier

A real-time operating system runs in the Motion Controller MC2. Therefore the data are transmitted synchronously to the drive amplifiers. This makes controlled spatial movement of the axes possible. As an option the MC2 can also be equipped with a soft PLC according to IEC 61131 allowing the user to program cycles for the connected axes.

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