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Frequency Converter SD4S

The product version SD4S - S for Stand-alone - is the first device of the new product series SD4x. The SD4S devices are designed for stationary use in control cabinets of machine tools, turbo compressors and turbo blowers.


  • PWM Frequencies up to 32 kHz

    The SD4S provides PWM frequencies up to 32 kHz and commutation frequencies up to 64 kHz.

    Higher rotating field frequencies up to 6,000 Hz and lower harmonic frequency components.

    Realization of higher pole motor designs and lower motor losses.

  • Motor Analyzer

    Simulation of the operating points and FFT analysis with THDi and THDu calculation.

    Analysis of system performance already at the start of development.

    Reduction of development time, costs and risk as well as optimization of the overall system.

  • Galvanically Isolated Thermal Contact Input

    The input for the thermal contact is galvanically isolated from the logic and main voltage.

    Safe operation even in case of an insulation problem of the thermal contact in the motor.

    Protection of the inverter in the event of a fault and higher system availability.

Better Performance and New Control Functions

The first available unit type is designed for small high-speed spindles or motors in the power range from a few hundred watts to 1 kW. Application areas are e.g. dental milling machines or machines for super finishing as those required in watchmaking. Since small spindles do not come with a sufficient insulation resistance in the motors, SD4S now features a galvanic isolation of the thermal contact.

An absolute novelty is the design width of 40 mm only. Particularly in applications with many axes and a low performance, the demand for highly compact drive systems is great. Thus, the construction volume has been further reduced. The parameterization is realized via a default Ethernet interface that replaces the USB interface, which in industrial environments is prone to failure.

Moreover, SD4S comes with programmable digital measuring system interfaces such as Biss-C, EnDat2.2 and TTL. Via a Webserver, technicians can display device information without the need of additional parameterization software. Thanks to the real-time clock, a time synchronization of an incident is possible: Users can figure out whether a failure has been caused for example by a thunderstorm.

The optimized performance, higher speeds as well as the lower motor heating without sine-wave filter are substantial advantages of SD4S.

SD4S - Always the Perfect Drive Function for Your Application

PSM: (Permanently excited synchronous motor)
IPM (Interior Synchronous Permanent Magnet Motor)
ASYN: (Asynchronous motor)
SVC: (Sensorless vector control)
Servo: (Servo mode with encoder feedback)
V/f-PWM: (Sensorless V/f characteristic control based on pulse width modulation)
HS-Block: (Block control with Hall elements)

The Interfaces of Frequency Converter SD4S

  1. Supply voltage / external ballast resistor
  2. 24 VDC logic power supply
  3. Safety integrated „STO“:  Restart lock to meet category 4/PL e according to EN ISO 13849 1:2015 and EN 61508:2010 SIL3
  4. RS232/485, CAN, CANopen, Modbus RTU
  5. Ethernet 100 MBit, parameterization, diagnosis and operation, Modbus TCP
  6. Digital inputs and outputs
  7. Digital motor encoder interface (BiSS C, EnDat 2.2, TTL)
  8. Optional: EtherCAT, Profinet, Powerlink
  9. Galvanically isolated thermal contact
  10. Motor connection
  11. Analog motor encoder interface (Resolver, SinCos 1 Vpp)

Drive Functions and Safety Functions


Software for Initial Operation and Parameterization: drivemaster4

The parameterization, simulation and diagnostic software drivemaster4 enables the user to commission drive systems easily and quickly. With the integrated simulation tool Motor Analyzer, the user can already prove at the time of system design that the desired system characteristics in terms of operating points and harmonics can be realized. The basis for this is suitable electrical motor data.


  • Electrical operating points
  • Influence of PWM frequency/converter topology
  • FFT analysis including THDi/THDu calculation
  • Export of simulation data


  • Parameterization of the motor data/interfaces
  • Optimization by means of oscilloscope
  • Commissioning tool


  • Data logger
  • Real-time clock
  • Error memory
  • Operating hours counter

Technical Specifications of Frequency Converter SD4S


Voltage Class 50 V:

Size Mains voltage Output power[kW] Apparent output power [kVA] Output current [A] Peak output current [A] Availability
B1 1 x 50 VAC 0.3 kW 0.7 kVA@16 kHz 8 A@16 kHz 14 A available
C1 1 x 50 VAC 0.6 kW 0.92 kVA@16 kHz 14 A@16 kHz 28 A from 04/2023


Voltage Class 230 V:

Size Mains voltage Output power[kW] Apparent output power [kVA] Output current [A] Peak output current [A] Availability
B1 1 x 230 VAC 0.8 kW 1.6 kVA@16 kHz 4 A@16 kHz 14 A available
C1 1 x 230 VAC 1.6 kW 3.2 kVA@16 kHz 8 A@16 kHz 28 A available
D1 1 x 230 VAC 2.4 kW 6.4 kVA@16 kHz 16 A@16 kHz 28 A available
E1 3 x 230 VAC 4.6 kW 6.4 kVA@16 kHz 16 A@16 kHz 56 A 2023

Voltage Class 400 V:

Size Mains voltage Output power [kW] Apparent output power [kVA] Output current  [A] Peak output current  [A] Availability
D1 3 x 400 VAC 4 kW 5.5 kVA@16 kHz 8 A@16 kHz 24 A 2023
E1 3 x 400 VAC 8 kW 11 kVA@16 kHz 16 A@16 kHz 56 A 2023
H1 3 x 400 VAC 24 kW 33 kVA@16 kHz 48 A@16 kHz 64 A 2023
K1 3 x 400 VAC 48 kW 66 kVA@16 kHz 96 A@16 kHz 120 A 2023



  • High-speed spindles are the key components of a machine tool. Only when operated in an optimal way, the desired machining accuracy, productivity and service life of the whole machine is guaranteed. 


  • Grinding applications have a special position in the field of machine tools. Internal grinding applications, for example, require sensorless operation of asynchronous and synchronous spindles up to 250,000 rpm. 


  • For dressing applications, it is essential to keep the spindle temperature low: a temperature increase in the spindle causes a longitudinal growth and therefore a shift of the tool position. 


  • Small CAD/CAM routing machines are used, for example, in dental laboratories for jewelry making or engraving works as well as for producing advertising displays. 


  • High-speed dicing spindles are the key components in machines for microchip separation – the so-called wafer dicing. 


  • In the field of turbomachines, the system's efficiency can be continuously improved by increasing the system speed or omitting the gear. 


  • Due to their design, a large number of technologies in the field of waste energy usage or mechanical energy storage require high-speed motors and generators


  • Rotary atomization processes, e.g. applied for the production of milk powder or flue gas treatment, require high circumferential speeds. Therefore, it is necessary to use matching high-speed motors instead of low-speed standard motors.


  • Refrigeration units with turbo or centrifugal compressors with higher power ranges operate with high speeds. Frequency converters by SIEB & MEYER easily provide the required speeds and their control method ensures an exceptionally low rotor heating.


  • Polygon scanners are based on special optics and operate, for example, sorting machines. Up to now, manufacturers had to install encoders to run these scanners with a high speed stability.

  • Precision is indispensable for tightening applications: If the screw is required to be tightened with a defined torque, the servo amplifier must meet this requirement. 

  • PCB routing is determined by the continuously increasing technical and commercial requirements of the electronics industry. The steadily rising level of integration of the electronic components requires increasingly complex and more precise contours for PCBs.


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