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High-speed spindles in machine tools require a high rotating field frequency and allow only low excess temperatures due to the small rotor volume. Our frequency converters are able to generate these frequencies and guarantee a low heating of the motors by means of special control technologies.

Whether for machine tools in the size of a single-family house or for small CAD/CAM milling machines with limited space, SIEB & MEYER has the right solution.

The converter in question is suitable for sensorless as well as for sensor-controlled operation of synchronous and asynchronous motors up to a speed of 120,000 min-1. The parameterization can be easily realized via the software drivemaster2.

  • Drilling, Routing

    High-speed spindles are the key components of a machine tool. Only when operated in an optimal way, the desired machining accuracy, productivity and service life of the whole machine is guaranteed. 


  • Grinding

    Grinding applications have a special position in the field of machine tools. Internal grinding applications, for example, require sensorless operation of asynchronous and synchronous spindles up to 250,000 rpm. 


  • Dressing

    For dressing applications, it is essential to keep the spindle temperature low: a temperature increase in the spindle causes a longitudinal growth and therefore a shift of the tool position. 


  • Dental CAD/CAM

    Small CAD/CAM routing machines are used, for example, in dental laboratories for jewelry making or engraving works as well as for producing advertising displays. 


  • Wafer Dicing

    High-speed dicing spindles are the key components in machines for microchip separation – the so-called wafer dicing. 


  • Wastewater Treatment

    Due to their design, a large number of technologies in the field of waste energy usage or mechanical energy storage require high-speed motors and generators


  • Atomizer

    Rotary atomization processes, e.g. applied for the production of milk powder or flue gas treatment, require high circumferential speeds. Therefore, it is necessary to use matching high-speed motors instead of low-speed standard motors.


  • Polygon Scanners

    Polygon scanners are based on special optics and operate, for example, sorting machines. Up to now, manufacturers had to install encoders to run these scanners with a high speed stability.


With our experience from customized drive systems that are meanwhile produced in large series and as well as our standard devices, we are supporting you from the project planning phase to the series production.