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Frequency Converters – Drivers of the Energy Transition

Press releases
Three-Level-Frequency Converters by SIEB & MEYER

SD4x product family enables key technologies for CO2 reduction

High-speed drive solutions are often key technologies to reduce the global CO2 emissions. One key component for the implementation of such an application is a suitable frequency converter that supports the special requirements in this field. The SD4x product family by SIEB & MEYER based in Lueneburg (Germany) offers exactly that and in many cases has become the enabler of these future-oriented applications.


"Our focus is on frequency converters for high-speed motors and generators. Together with our customers, we can therefore provide process solutions with highest system efficiency," explained Torsten Blankenburg, CTO at SIEB & MEYER AG. "The SD4x product family directly contributes to a significantly higher efficiency in various climate-friendly applications, which saves energy and cash in the end.

How this works in practice is shown by the example of a wastewater treatment plant that is ventilated by turbo compressors or turbo blowers. This application is characterized by round-the-clock operation of the compressors or blowers; 365 days a year. Therefore, the plant efficiency is an important factor and keeping the motor heating as low as possible the big challenge. SIEB & MEYER solves these issues with the 3-level output stage technology. Compared to the classic 2-level output stage, this technology is more complicated and expensive but capable of increasing the efficiency of the turbo compressors or blowers by several percentage points.


Flywheel energy storage unit for fast charging stations

Another application example for the SIEB & MEYER multilevel converter is a special fast charging station for areas with a weak grid structure. This solution works in combination with a flywheel energy storage unit that provides the energy required for charging the vehicle and stores energy between the charging processes. The big challenge of this application is the motor heating because the rotor of the flywheel works in a high vacuum and uses noncontact magnetic bearings at that. Consequently, the heat can only dissipate as radiant heat. "That means, this system requires the lowest possible heating to work properly," explained Torsten Blankenburg. "Our frequency converters generate minimal heat and can therefore optimally support such applications."


More efficient electronic data processing centers

Using artificial intelligence to increase the process efficiency and simultaneously reduce CO2 is currently a hot issue. The energy demand of the required digital infrastructure and its cooling system is often neglected, though. Over the last decade, the annual CO2 emissions of German electronic data processing centers, for example, increased from 5.7 to 7.7 million tons. As a result, highly efficient air conditioners are in demand, ideally operated with low-risk refrigerants. Using turbo technology and frequency converters by SIEB & MEYER in combination with water as refrigerant offers a sustainable solution in this area.


Green power generation without wind or sun

In the course of the energy transition, generating green power independent of wind or sun has become a central issue. Solutions are, for example, ORC (organic Rankine cycle) systems or micro gas turbines for biogas. In applications for power generation from biogas as well as waste heat via ORC, frequency converters by SIEB & MEYER can efficiently operate the high-speed generators. Here, the frequency converters also help to enable the processes in the first place and to achieve optimal efficiency.