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Polygon Scanners

The optimal products for your polygon scanner application

Polygon scanners are based on special optics and operate, for example, sorting machines. Up to now, manufacturers had to install encoders to run these scanners with a high speed stability.

With the frequency converters by SIEB & MEYER they can do without the encoders because the devices provide a sensorless control ensuring a signal stability in the range of a few nanoseconds. This exceptional precision is reached when the frequency converter receives the synchronization signal from a facet detector. Using this principle, the operation is much more precise than with an encoder.

The integrated components of the SIEB & MEYER frequency converters are additional extras: these include, for example, a ballast circuit and resistor as well as an internal logic supply. Last but not least, the devices are very compact and require minimum space.

Product Overview


Device series Power range Input voltage Technology Speed (frequency) Type Communication Safety functions
SD2Bplus .. 0.8 kVA 24 .. 80 VDC 2 Level PWM 120.000 1/min
(2.000 Hz)
Single-axis device CAN Bus, RS232, via Gateway: Profibus, Profinet, EtherCAT STO
SD2S 0.3 .. 55 kVA 115 .. 480 VAC 2 Level PWM 120.000 1/min
(2.000 Hz)
Single-axis device RS232, CAN Bus, EtherCAT, via Gateway: Profibus, Profinet STO
SD4S 0.8 .. 66 kVA 115 .. 230 VAC 2 Level PWM 240.000 1/min
(4.000 Hz)
Single-axis device CANopen EtherCAT, (Profinet, Powerlink) STO
SD4B ... 0,8 kVA 24 .. 80 VDC 2 Level PWM 240.000 rpm (4.000 Hz) Single-axis device RS232/485, CANopen, Modbus TCP, CANopen, EtherCAT. PROFINET, Powerlink in preperation. STO
  • Frequency Converter SD4S

    Ready for the Future

    Complex tasks are quickly processed with the frequency converter SD4S. The devices are designed for stationary use in control cabinets of machine tools, turbo compressors and turbo blowers.

  • Frequency Converter SD4B

    The Space Marvel

    Frequency converter SD4B by SIEB & MEYER, the successor of SD2B plus, can be used as a highly dynamic servo amplifier for the operation of rotary and linear low-voltage servo motors as well as for optimized operation of high-speed low-voltage synchronous and asynchronous motors and of IPM motors.

Products precisely tailored for your application

With our experience from customized drive systems that are meanwhile produced in large series and as well as our standard devices, we are supporting you from the project planning phase to the series production.