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Routing and Drilling

The optimal products for your routing and drilling application

High-speed spindles are the key components of a machine tool. Only when operated in an optimal way, the desired machining accuracy, productivity and service life of the whole machine is guaranteed.

Due to the necessary high rotating field frequency and the small rotor volume, the used high-speed motors require the appropriate frequency converter.

Frequency converters by SIEB & MEYER provide the necessary rotating field frequencies and ensure a low motor heating thanks to the special control technology. The motor heating in particular has a significant impact on the machining accuracy and the service life of high-speed spindles, especially when it comes to the service life of bearings.

Product Overview


Device series Power range Input voltage Technology Speed (frequency) Type Safety functions
SD2B plus ... 0.8 kVA 24 .. 80 VDC 2 Level PWM .. 120,000 rpm Single-axis system STO
SD2 1 .. 80 kVA 230 .. 180 VDC 2 Level PWM ..120,000 rpm Multi-axis system STO, SLOF, SFM
SD2S  0.3 .. 55 kVA 115 .. 480 VAC 2 Level PWM ..120,000 rpm Single-axis system STO
SD2S-FPAM 1.5 .. 6,9 kVA 115 .. 230 VAC regulated intermediate circuit .. 480,000 rpm Single-axis system STO
SD2M 80 .. 432 kVA  750 VDC / 230 .. 480 VAC 3 Level PWM .. 120,000 rpm Single-axis system STO
SD4S 0.8 .. 66 kVA 115 .. 480 VAC 2 Level PWM ..240,000 rpm Single-axis system STO
FC2 13 kVA 230 .. 480 VAC Regulated DC link (PAM) ..500.000 rpm Multispindel device STO
  • Drive System SD2

    The Team Player

    The digital drive system SD2 can be connected to your controller via the real-time bus SERVOLINK 4 using fiber optic cables. This design allows a direct and fast access to all relevant drive parameters.


Products precisely tailored for your application

With our experience from customized drive systems that are meanwhile produced in large series and as well as our standard devices, we are supporting you from the project planning phase to the series production.