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Frequency Converter SD2M DC

The frequency converters of series SD2M DC convince by their maximum output, little need for space, reduced system costs and high efficiency. The devices are designed for complex automation tasks in high-speed applications and allow use of synchronous and asynchronous motors.

Sensorless applications as well as applications with speed sensor can be realized easily. The high-dynamic vector control combined with highest speeds offers a whole new range of applications.


  • Three-Level Technology

    The output stages of SD2M DC are based on a three-level technology and provide rotating field frequencies up to 2,000 Hz with switching frequencies of 16 kHz.

    Reduced motor losses combined with minimum efforts for motor filters and motor chokes as well as low interfering radiation and insulation stress.

    Low system costs over the whole product life cycle.

  • Efficiency

    The devices reach efficiencies of up to 98 %.

    The high efficiency of the devices ensures optimal system efficiencies and reduces cooling requirements.

    Lower energy costs at maximum system output.

  • DC Supply

    The SD2M devices with DC supply can be operated with active front-end power supply unit.

    Fast acceleration and deceleration processes at high energy efficiency.

    Low energy costs and highest productivity.

The Powerful One

SIEB & MEYER has developed the frequency converter SD2M DC using the three-level tehnology to significantly reduce PWM-related rotor losses.

In addition to the SD2M Turbo devices for 3-phase mains supply, devices with DC supply are also available. These devices allowe to optionally operate SD2M DC with a power supply unit capable of recovering energy. This way applications with a process-related repeated braking operation can take advantage of the benefits of the three-level technology.

The Interfaces of Frequency Converter SD2M DC

  1. USB connection, parameterization, diagnosis and operation
  2. RS232 / RS485 / CAN interface / Modbus
  3. 2 analog reference value interfaces: +/-10 V,  2 analog outputs: 0 to 10 V
  4. Universal Motor Encoder Interface: Hall sensor, linear Hall sensor, magnetoresistive sensor, NAMUR sensor (pulse generator), Sin/Cos encoder
  5. 9 digital inputs and 5 digital outputs
  6. Liquid cooling
  7. Safety integrated "STO": Restart lock to meet category 4/PL e according to EN ISO 13849-1:2015 and EN 61508:2010 SIL3
  8. Motor connection
  9. 2 TTL encoder inputs and outputs
  10. DC supply
  11. EtherCAT (CoE)

Drive Functions and Safety Functions


Software for Initial Operation and Parameterization: drivemaster2


  • Tree-type structure
  • Block diagrams
  • Graphics
  • Interactive help messages
  • Comments
  • „Parameter-Wizard“


  • Without higher-ranking control
  • Visualized reference and actual values
  • Error and status messages


  • 4-channel oscilloscope
  • Zoom functions
  • Trigger functions
  • Long-term recording function
  • Measurements can be saved
  • Diagnosis of the inputs and outputs
  • Bus monitor

Technical Specifications of Frequency Converter SD2M DC with DC Supply Voltage

Device type Rated power1 Rated current Max. output voltage1 HxWxD (mm) Weight Cooling
DC devices - 300...750 VAC supply voltage
0369371AF1200 100 kVA 165 Arms 3 x 410 VAC 685 x 388 x 188 30 kg Water 2) 4)
0369373AF1200 150 kVA 255 Arms 3 x 410 VAC 771 x 439 x 207 43 kg Water 2) 4)
0369373BF1200 190 kVA 310 Arms 3 x 410 VAC 771 x 439 x 207 43 kg Water 2) 4)
0369375AF1200 300 kVA 480 Arms 3 x 410 VAC 1317 x 326 x 498 94 kg Water 2) 3)
0369375BF1200 396 kVA 630 Arms 3 x 410 VAC 1296 x 424 x 359 94 kg Water 2) 3)

1) Rated power and max. output voltage for mains voltage/supply voltage (in italic)
2) Aluminum cooling pipes
3) Copper cooling pipes
4) Air-cooled versions and versions with other cooling pipe materials on request


  • High-speed spindles are the key components of a machine tool. Only when operated in an optimal way, the desired machining accuracy, productivity and service life of the whole machine is guaranteed. 



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