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Frequency Converter FC2

The FC2 offers the possibility to drive up to eight asynchronous high-speed spindles at the same time. The device topology with the controlled DC link and the PAM modulation allows to drive asynchronous motors up to a rotating field frequency of 8,333 Hz (500,000 rpm) without encoder and without motor chokes. The output voltage of max. 3 x 230 VAC is optimized for the high-speed spindles used in PCB drilling and milling. By means of parameter switching/spindle selection, the converter parameters are automatically adjusted depending on the selected spindles. In order to reduce the number of external components, the FC2 offers the possibility of evaluating up to eight speed and temperature sensors.


  • Output Frequencies up to 8,333 Hz

    Established PAM technology with optimized dynamic characteristics, efficiency and flexibility

    Virtually no speed limitation combined with optimized control dynamics and excellent system efficiency

    Low initial costs, possibility to access new applications

  • Multi-spindle operation of up to eight asynchronous spindles

    Parallel operation of up to 8 asynchronous spindles and evaluation of speed encoders and temperature sensors

    Only one frequency converter needed and no external components for evaluation

    Cost and space savings, easy parameterization

  • No Need of Motor Chokes or LC-Filters

    The PAM technology allows smallest switching frequencies and reduces the isolation stress of the motor as well as interferences (EMC) significantly.

    Additional filter elements or motor chokes are not required.

    Low system costs, easy initial operation.

Device Topology

The Interfaces of Frequency Converter FC2

  1. 24 VDC logic supply 
  2. RS232- /485- / CAN Bus interface
  3. USB connection, parameterization, diagnosis
  4. Safety Intergrated "STO": Restart lock to meet category 4/PL e according to EN ISO 13849-1:2015 and EN 61508:2010 SIL
  5. Spindle selection - inputs
  6. 2 analog reference value interfaces: +/-10 V; 2 analog outputs: 0 - 10 V
  7. Spindle selection - ouputs
  8. 5 digital inputs and 6 digital outputs
  9. Motor encoder interface: 8 x magnetoresistive sensor, motor temperature sensor
  10. Power supply
  11. Motor connection
  12. EtherCAT (CoE)


Drive functions and safety functions


Software for initial operation and parameterization: drivemaster2

The oscilloscope function allows optimization of the motors in the machine via the drive-setup-tool without additional measuring equipment.

The clear design of the software allows intuitive parameterization via graphics and block diagrams. The „Parameter-Wizard“ guides the user step-by-step through the system configuration and allows intuitive setup of the device via help messages and comments.

Technical Specifications of Frequency Converter FC2

Device type Rated power1 Rated current Peak current/time Max. output voltage1 HxWxD (mm) Weight Cooling
Compact devices - 3 x 200...480  VAC mains voltage
0219x100IF 13 kVA 33.6 Arms 50.4 Arms/15 s 3 x 220 VAC 389 x 208 x 226 12.8 kg Air

X = 1: CAN bus
X = 2: EtherCAT and CAN Bus
1) Rated power and max. output voltage for mains voltage/supply voltage (in italic)


  • High-speed spindles are the key components of a machine tool. Only when operated in an optimal way, the desired machining accuracy, productivity and service life of the whole machine is guaranteed. 


  • PCB drilling is determined by the continuously increasing technical and commercial requirements of the electronics industry. The steadily rising level of integration of the electronic components requires to improve drilling accuracy and process reliability.

  • PCB routing is determined by the continuously increasing technical and commercial requirements of the electronics industry. The steadily rising level of integration of the electronic components requires increasingly complex and more precise contours for PCBs.

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