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Service & Repairs

In Case of Service

Generally, the machine manufacturer is your main contact person for repairs of SIEB & MEYER products. The machine manufacturer is best acquainted with the interaction between mechanics and electronics in your machine.

In case no machine manufacturer or service partner is available, please contact our service department for support.

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Please keep the following information at hand:

  • Device type of the SIEB & MEYER device (type plate), for example 02684402ZIC
  • The SIEB & MEYER serial number given on the nameplate or printed circuit board
  • Machine manufacturer and machine type


Please note that support may be subject to a charge!

In Case of Repair

For repairs of SIEB & MEYER products please contact your machine manufacturer first. If the machine manufacturer is not available, please check the list product availability before sending in the device.

Service is completely stopped for products listed with "no" in this table under the section "service / consultation available". We can no longer offer spare parts or repairs for these products. Please do not send in these products.

In this case you are welcome to contact our sales department to check alternatives.

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Standard Repair

After receipt of the goods, the sender of the device or the machine manufacturer receives a confirmation of receipt of the goods from us including a cost estimate for the inspection and repair flat rate. If you do not wish an inspection / a repair of the device to these conditions, please contact us within 7 days to cancel the process and clarify the conditions for return delivery or disposal. The period for cancellation extends the duration of the procedure. You can avoid this by a direct approval.

The lead time of the repair is 21 days after release. The device will be returned to the sender or, if desired, to an end customer within the European Union. The sender will receive an invoice for the corresponding flat rate according to the cost estimate. If the inspection shows that a repair is not possible, only the inspection flat rate will be charged.

In this case the sender or the machine manufacturer can choose between two options:

  • Return of the defective device
  • Proper disposal of the device

Quick Repair – Only possible by prior arrangement

In order to avoid longer machine downtimes, you can select the additional service "quick repair" which will be calculated with a surcharge on the inspection or repair flat rate.

The following special rules apply to quick repairs:

  • The sender must request a confirmation from SIEB & MEYER that a quick repair is possible before shipping the device
  • After shipping of the device the sender must communicate the shipping information of the device
  • After receipt of the goods, the sender of the device receives a goods receipt confirmation including a cost estimate for the inspection and repair flat rate. These conditions cannot be contradicted, they are considered accepted by the sender.
  • The repair will be carried out within 2 working days and the device is always returned by express shipping
  • The work and expenses incurred by the quick repair will be charged as a surcharge on the inspection or repair flat rate.