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The optimal products for your tightening, pressing and clinching applications

Precision is indispensable for tightening applications: If the screw is required to be tightened with a defined torque, the servo amplifier must meet this requirement. Precise regulation and control are also necessary to ensure reproducibility of processes and their documentation, since those tightening applications may involve safety-related tightenings for example in the automotive assembly.

The servo amplifiers by SIEB & MEYER can meet these requirements. Additionally, they support a great variety of motor types and comply with international standards and conventions. Last but not least, the devices convince with their small construction size and a high surge current capability.

In the field of fastening systems, the classic pneumatic or hydraulic systems are often replaced by servo motor driven systems. The advantages of these systems are their adjustable process design, precise process monitoring and documentation, as well as a purely electrical power supply.

Servo amplifiers by SIEB & MEYER enable the highly dynamic operation of servo motors. In addition, the devices provide application-specific interfaces and functions that make it easier to develop a corresponding system. Furthermore, they ensure the highest precision, since the drive solutions by SIEB & MEYER guarantee an optimal control of e.g. the press-in depth and block force.

Product Overview


Device series Power range Input voltage Motion Controller Communication Feedback system Operating mode Type
SD2 1 .. 80 kVA .. 480 VDC no RS485, via Gateway: Profibus, Profinet, EtherCAT Resolver, Linear-Hall, EnDat2.1, TTL, 1Vss Speed, torque operation, interpolated position control Multi-axis system with central power supply unit
SD2S  0.3 .. 55 kVA .. 480 VDC no CAN Bus, EtherCAT Resolver, Linear-Hall, EnDat2.1, TTL, 1Vss Speed, torque operation, interpolated position control Single-axis device
SD3 1.5 .. 55kVA 115 .. 480 VAC Integrated, C/C++, IEC61131 CAN Bus, EtherCAT, OPC UA Resolver, Linear-Hall, EnDat2.1, Hyperface DSL Speed, torque operation, positioning, sequence control Single-axis device
SD4S 0.8 .. 66 kVA 115 .. 480 VAC no CANopen, EtherCAT, (Profinet, Powerlink) TTL, Biss-C, EnDat2.2 Speed, torque operation, positioning Single-axis device
Customized Benefit from our longtime know-how!
From the project planning phase to serial production – you get everything from a single source at fast, adjustable and economically viable conditions.
  • Drive System SD2

    The Teamplayer

    The digital drive system SD2 can be connected to your controller via the real-time bus SERVOLINK 4 using fiber optic cables. This design allows a direct and fast access to all relevant drive parameters.


  • Servo Amplifier SD2S

    The Multitalent

    The servo amplifier SD2S includes a broad variety of functionalities. SD2S was consistently designed in respect of lesser costs and smaller size without making compromises regarding output power and torque as well as the heating of the motor.


  • Servo Amplifier SD3

    The Genious

    With the servo amplifier SD3 SIEB & MEYER offers a solution for complex drive tasks, e.g. for high-dynamic positioning applications or fastening and press applications operated by servo motors.


  • Servo Amplifier SD4S

    Ready for the Future

    Complex tasks are quickly processed with the servo amplifier SD4S. The devices are designed for stationary use in control cabinets of machine tools, turbo compressors and turbo blowers.


Products precisely tailored for your application

With our experience from customized drive systems that are meanwhile produced in large series and as well as our standard devices, we are supporting you from the project planning phase to the series production.