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Direct Imaging/­
3D Printing/­Laser Processing

The optimal products for your direct imaging, 3D printing and laser application

Machines for direct imaging, printing and laser processing apply highly complex "processing heads" that are controlled by a high-performance PC and the related software. Since the editing window of the head is usually smaller than the area to be processed, the processing head has to move over this area.

This is accomplished by using additional axes, which are based on linear or rotary servo motors. The processing quality is significantly determined by the optimal synchronization of the machining process and the movement of the head. This also includes non-linearity, e.g. machine tolerances.

The SIEB & MEYER motion controllers and the corresponding servo amplifiers guarantee an optimal movement of the processing head and a precise synchronization of the machining process.

Product Overview


Device series Power range Input voltage Motion Controller Communication Feedback system Operating mode Safety functions
SD2B plus .. 0.8 kVA 24 .. 80 VDC no CAN Bus, SERVOLINK Biss-C, TTL Speed, torque operation, interpolating position control STO
SD2S 0.3 .. 55 kVA 115 .. 480 VAC no CAN Bus, EtherCAT, SERVOLINK Resolver, Linear-Hall, EnDat2.1, TTL, 1Vss Speed, torque operation, interpolating position control STO
SD4B ... 0,8 kVA 24 .. 80 VDC no RS232/485, CANopen, Modbus TCP, CANopen, EtherCAT. PROFINET, Powerlink in preperation.     STO
Device series Description Drive package
MC2 2,5 D motion control, Gantry, trigger-controlled axis synchronisation SD2 and SD2S as the basis for the operation of servo amplifiers and frequency converters
  • Motion Controller MC2

    The Drive System for Your Machine

    The drive system MC2 is THE solution for machine manufacturers who develop a PC-based application software and look for a well-proven system for the motion tasks.


  • Frequency Converter SD2B

    The Space Marvel

    Frequency converter SD4B by SIEB & MEYER, the successor of SD2B plus, can be used as a highly dynamic servo amplifier for the operation of rotary and linear low-voltage servo motors as well as for optimized operation of high-speed low-voltage synchronous and asynchronous motors and of IPM motors.

Products precisely tailored for your application

With our experience from customized drive systems that are meanwhile produced in large series and as well as our standard devices, we are supporting you from the project planning phase to the series production.