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The Stand-alone Variant for High-speed Applications

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SD4S by SIEB & MEYER - for driving of  sensorless motors

Frequency converter SD4S by SIEB & MEYER

The SD4S by SIEB & MEYER is the stand-alone variant of the new SD4x product generation. The frequency converter and servo amplifier is optimized for switch cabinet installation and used, for example, in machine tools or turbo compressors. The first available device variants are designed for motors or spindles in the power range from a few hundred watts to 6 kilowatts. Variants with output powers of up to 48 kW will follow in the next months.


An absolute novelty of the device variants with output powers of 300 W @ 50 VAC and 800 W @ 230 VAC is the small size and in particular the overall width of only 40 mm. The 400 VAC device with a power of 6 kW also comes with a small width of only 80 mm. Applications for the existing variants are, for example, dental milling machines, machines for superfinishing, as required in the watch industry, wafer dicing machines in semiconductor manufacturing or the operation of nut running spindles

On the control side, the SD4S enables the operation of sensorless asynchronous, synchronous and IPM motors up to a rotating field frequency of 4,000 Hz (240,000 rpm), which is a unique feature in the market at present and allows customers to create new system designs. Since the insulation strength in motors or spindles of smaller powers is often insufficient, the SD4S offers a galvanic isolation of the thermal contact

Furthermore, SD4S comes with programmable digital measuring system interfaces such as BiSS-C, EnDat 2.2, TTL und Hall. With a web server, technicians can access basic device information without additional parameterization software. The integrated real-time clock allows a precise analysis of error cases as well as interactions with external events and processes. Parameterization is done via a standard Ethernet interface, replacing the USB interface, which is susceptible to faults in industrial environments. With the Windows software drivemaster4, the user carries out the parameterization, setup and simulations of the SD4x series

In drivemaster4, SIEB & MEYER has further developed the tool "Motor Analyzer" already known from drivemaster2. The tool enables meaningful simulations of the entire frequency converter operation. Users can view and output operating points, characteristic curves and output currents. The new FFT analysis of the simulated output current provides useful figures of the Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) of the motor current (THDi) and the motor voltage (THDu). This helps users to estimate the operating behavior and the motor heating more accurately.