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Motion Controller MC2

The drive system MC2 – including motion controller MC2 and drive amplifiers of the series SD2S – is the solution for machine manufacturers who develop a PC-based application software and look for a well-proven system for the motion tasks. The communication between the motion controller MC2 and the client‘s PC is established via Ethernet based on the DNC-361 protocol.

Using the provided documentation the client can easily implement the protocol into his application software. Then, the various motion functions of the drive system MC2 are available in the application software.

The Motion Controller for Your Machine

MC2 runs a real-time operating system that permits synchronous data transmission to the drive amplifiers. This makes controlled spatial movement of the axes possible. The used optical fiber connection ensures an extremely fail-safe data line.

The drive amplifiers SD2S can evaluate all common measuring systems and reach an exceptional positioning accuracy with very constant speed. These features ensure a high quality of the manufactured products. As an option, SD2S provides the opportunity to output trigger signals for the synchronization of the application unit, e.g. print head.

This function also allows scaling the motion axes to the resolution of the application unit. MC2 provides up to 8 inputs or outputs for your machine.

With an optional, external I/O module the inputs and outputs can be expanded to a maximum of 96 inputs and 96 outputs. The transmission protocol IO-Link 3 ensures reliable data transmission to the I/O system 50.06 via optical fiber cables.

System Specifications of the Drive System:

  • Ethernet interface with DNC-361 protocol (UDP telegrams)
  • Point-to-point control, position interpolation points 
  • Linear and circular interpolation
  • Gantry, gear function
  • Scalable trigger function (optional)
  • Internal resolution up to 20 nm (standard 100 nm)
  • Very precise synchronization
  • Parameterization and optimization via software drivemaster2 and drivemaster3


Software for initial operation and parameterization: drivemaster2/drivemaster3

Drivemaster2/Drivemaster3 is a powerful tool for easy and goal-oriented parameterization and optimization of drive axes. The parameters are used to adapt the drive axes to the mechanical and electrical characteristics of the machine.

OSCAR is an auxiliary program for optimizing machine movements. By means of the graphic visualization speeds, accelerations, and moving characteristics can be set individually for each axis. With this online optimization the machine manufacturer can determine the best possible values for a machine and thus achieve considerable improvements in the machine´s productivity.

Technical Specifications of MC2/SD2S

Motion Controller MC2

  • nanoETX board
  • Ethernet interface to the PC
  • digital bus SERVOLINK via optical fibers to the drives SD2S and via IO-Link to the I/O system 50.06
  • 8 inputs and outputs

Servo Amplifier SD2S

  • servo amplifier for rotary and linear AC servo motors
  • evaluation of incremental encoders, absolute or linear measuring systems
  • digital bus via optical fibers for the connection with MC2

1-phase Supply

230 V Mains Supply (AC)
1.4 kVA     Ir: 10 A Ip: 14 A (28 A)* 250 x 75 x 180 mm
3,8 kVA     Ir: 20 A Ip: 28 A (56 A)* 250 x 110 x 180 mm


3-phase Supply

50 V Mains supply (AC)
1.5 kVA Ir: 20 A Ip: 28 A 250 x 110 x 180 mm



230 V Mains supply (AC)
6.9 kVA Ir: 20 A Ip: 28 A (56 A)* 250 x 110 x 180 mm



480 V Mains supply (AC)
4.3 kVA Ir: 7 A Ip: 28 A 250 x 75 x 225 mm
9,7 kVA Ir: 14 A Ip: 28 A (56 A)* 250 x 110 x 180 mm
15 kVA Ir: 23 A Ip: 29 A 390 x 180 x 180 mm
20 kVA Ir: 30 A Ip: 56 A 390 x 180 x 180 mm
30 kVA Ir: 44 A Ip: 70 A 460 x 225 x 200 mm
55 kVA ** Ir: 80 A Ip: 113 A 460 x 250 x 200 mm***


Ir = rated current, Ip = peak current.
Stated currents are rms values.
Voltage limits at 50 V: 50 V -10% up to 64 V +10%
Voltage limits at 230 V: 110 V -10% up to 230 V +10%
Voltage limits at 480 V: 230 V -10% up to 480 V +10%
The device dimensions are defined as height x width x depth, related to the mounting dimensions.
* Version with higher peak current.
** Water cooling also available.

Decentral I/O System 50.06

  • +24 VDC supply
  • up to 96 inputs and 96 outputs
  • inputs: +24 V (high active)
  • outputs: +24 V / 350 mA
  • CRC-controlled data transmission