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Shortly After the Appointment to the General Assembly of IHK

Lünale 2018: SIEB & MEYER wins award for medium-sized businesses based in and around Lüneburg

This year, the most important regional business award goes to SIEB & MEYER AG: The globally operating company received Lüneburg's award for medium-sized businesses at a gala event on November 9, 2018. One success often precedes another: At the end of October, SIEB & MEYER's CTO Torsten Blankenburg was elected for the General Assembly of IHK (German Chamber of Commerce and Industry).

Lüneburg's award for medium-sized businesses has been going to successful companies in this region since 2009. "I am very happy that the jury chose SIEB & MEYER this year," says Markus Meyer, CEO at SIEB & MEYER AG. "The award represents courage, performance and readiness to take risks – these are virtues we have consistently demonstrated throughout our company history since its foundation in 1962." Two points were particularly mentioned: SIEB & MEYER's focus on research and development on the one hand and the company's social commitment on the other. The second relates to the SIEB & MEYER foundation that supports people in particularly difficult living situations.

SIEB & MEYER achieved another regional success at the end of October. CTO Torsten Blankenburg was appointed to the general assembly of IHK Lüneburg. The members of the Chamber (IHK) Lüneburg-Wolfsburg elected a total of 100 representatives from companies who will form the general assembly over the coming five years. "Facing global competition, industrial companies need a strong support in their regions," says Torsten Blankenburg. "I will use my membership in the general assembly to further improve local conditions." The general assembly is the highest body of IHK. Its members define the positions of IHK towards politics and administration.


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SIEB & MEYER wins award at Lünale 2018
SIEB & MEYER was awarded the most important regional business award at a gala event on 9 November 2018

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