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Best Customer Service for Drive Technology

SIEB & MEYER Sales Workshop: In Discussion with International Sales Partners

The SIEB & MEYER sales workshop that took place at the company headquarters in Lueneburg from September 19 to 20 was attended by 16 sales partners from 10 nations. One objective of the meeting was to give information on new and enhanced products in the field of drive technology, since comprehensive knowledge of the SIEB & MEYER portfolio is a prerequisite for optimal customer support on site.

The numerous sales partners ensure best customer service in the drive technology field for their respective countries and regions: They are the local contacts for existing and future customers, working closely with the sales and service colleagues from the headquarters in Lueneburg. "Close contact to the customer is important to us – also in the geographical sense," says Torsten Blankenburg, CTO at SIEB & MEYER AG. "Short distances make problem solving simpler and quicker. In an international context, it helps that our sales partners are familiar with the respective markets and can communicate in the local language – this way language barriers and misunderstandings cannot occur in the first place."

This year's schedule included a training session on new devices and functions of the SD2x product family. In addition, the representatives discussed new sales approaches and last but not least became acquainted with each other. SIEB & MEYER took the opportunity to officially introduce three new sales partners: the engineering consultant company Gast for Baden-Wuerttemberg, the industrial representation Steger Electronic for Bavaria and the company Universal Technology for China.


The sales workshop at SIEB & MEYER was attended by 16 slaes partners from 10 nations
The sales workshop at SIEB & MEYER was attended by 16 slaes partners from 10 nations

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