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SD2R – The Feed-in System for High-Speed Generators

The feed-in system SD2R by SIEB & MEYER is an efficient solution for the conversion of thermal or mechanical energy into electric energy. Typical fields of application are ORC systems, expansion turbines for the utilization of waste heat as well as fly wheels and micro gas turbines.

The SD2R system is based on electronics especially developed for high-speed motors and generators with powers up to 150 kW and speeds up to 500,000 rpm. Beside the regenerative operation, SD2R permits motor operation with excellent control performance. Since SD2R is an integral part of a complete solution for the conversion of thermal or mechanical energy into electric energy, it considers all technical requirements on the part of the generator including specific process characteristsics. All technical requirements on the part of the grid regarding the valid feed-in directives are also accounted for.

Customized Feed-in Systems

SD2R can be dimensioned individually according to the specific environment and requirements of the application. In addition, different cooling systems are available. During system design additional functions for emergency supply of important components, e.g. magnetic bearings, as well as safety functions, e.g. mains monitoring or brake resistors, can be implemented.

On account of the widespread opportunities for adapting the system to the specific application, SIEB & MEYER is able to develop and offer customized feed-in solutions based on SD2R. One possible design is a 25 kW control panel with LCD display and water cooling. Another option is an IP22 switch cabinet with a rated power of 40 kW or 80 kW.

The sensorless speed control of SD2R reduces the costs and increases the availability of the system. If required for safety reasons or the like, the integrated speed sensor can also be evaluated with external devices. The higher-ranking control is connected via analog reference value and 24 V I/Os or via CAN bus interface. As an option, remote diagnosis is also available.

The software drivemaster2 developed by SIEB & MEYER supports the user during parameter setting and initial operation of the complete system. The clear design of the software interface allows easy and intuitive parameterization via graphics and block diagrams. A special "parameter wizard" guides the user step-by-step through the configuration featuring help messages and comments.

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