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Series Device by SIEB & MEYER Further Developed

New SERVOLINK 4 interface: Application possibilities of SD2B plus become even more flexible

From the third quarter of 2019 onwards SIEB & MEYER provides SD2B plus with a SERVOLINK 4 drive bus interface which is based on fiber optics. In combination with the motion controller MC2, this makes the device suitable for positioning applications with an accuracy in the micrometer range. One application field are machines for direct imaging of PCBs, for example. SD2B plus can operate the axes used for focusing in these machines. In addition, the new interface enables the device to be integrated into Profibus/Profinet/EtherCAT fieldbus systems via a gateway.

"SD2B plus can now work as high-dynamic servo amplifier for the operation of rotary and linear low-voltage servo motors," says Torsten Blankenburg, CTO at SIEB & MEYER AG. "With this expansion, we have responded to the requirements of our customers yet again. Of course, SD2B plus still remains the first choice for optimal operation of high-speed low-voltage synchronous and asynchronous motors." When used as frequency converter in high-speed applications, SD2B plus permits control with sensors based on TTL encoders. This allows the operation of several high-speed motors up to speeds of 120,000 rpm with angular synchronism via master/slave connection, which is useful, for example, in the field of optical system applications. The robust speed control can also cope with high mass inertia ratios of up to 1:100 between motor and tool.

SD2B plus comes with an IP20 housing and stands out for its compact design: Thanks to the reduced construction height of 25 mm the device requires only little installation space. The safety function STO as well as an internal logic voltage supply are integrated. Beside two TTL encoder inputs and outputs, the device provides five digital inputs and five digital outputs as well as a USB interface for easy parameterization.

Series devices by SIEB & MEYER generally serve as a basic concept for customized solutions. SD2B plus, for example, allows modifications regarding performance and installation space. The device provides a basis for various applications that can be adapted in terms of performance and construction requirements.


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