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Meaningful Simulations of the Frequency Converter Operation

New functions in the software tool Motor Analyzer

SIEB & MEYER has further developed its Motor Analyzer – the tool now supports additional motor types, output filters and operating modes. Motor Analyzer is a function of the drivemaster2 software for parameterization and initial operation, which supports developers and experienced users during the project planning phase. It allows for meaningful simulations of the operating points and the expected ripple currents of different frequency converters.

Motor Analyzer cannot only be deployed for simulation runs with permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM) but also with asynchronous induction motors (ACIM). The tool is able to simulate motor-driven as well as generator-driven operations. With regard to the output stage topology, it can simulate frequency converters with 2- or 3-level-output stage. Moreover, the tool considers output filters such as motor chokes and sine-wave filters. SIEB & MEYER has extended the parameter export for an easy evaluation: Data are basically exported to HTML. Motor currents and voltages can be exported as CSV files. Experts can also make use of the vector diagram of the motor and converter that Motor Analyzer provides at the relevant operating point.

Thanks to the new Motor Analyzer tool, the operator can verify operating points such as speed, power or torque considering the available motor data, mains voltages, filters and characteristics of the frequency converter. All this happens before the actual implementation. Additionally, the expectable ripple currents are simulated and hence, the use of motor chokes can also be planned beforehand. „The tool avoids errors in interpretation and ensures optimal system operation. All in all, it also reduces operating costs“, stressed Torsten Blankenburg, CTO at SIEB & MEYER AG.

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