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Jubilee of a Best-selling Product

SIEB & MEYER Delivers the 25,000th CNC Control

Beside drive technology, control technology is the main pillar of SIEB & MEYER. Recently, SIEB & MEYER delivered the 25,000th CNC control. From the beginning of CNC production 40 years ago SIEB & MEYER has been a system supplier for PCB drilling and routing machines providing the customers with products perfectly suited to the individual applications of PCB routing and drilling – including user interface, CNC Motion Controller, drive amplifiers and last but not least suitable IO terminals.

"25,000 CNC controls in about 40 years counts as a considerable number for this niche market", says Torsten Blankenburg, CTO at SIEB & MEYER. The company celebrates this jubilee with a summer party. "We want to thank our employees for the good work, without them we wouldn´t have achieved this."

The first NC control developed by SIEB & MEYER in 1971 was the cornerstone for the best-selling product. 1976 the company introduced the first computer-aided numerical control for PCB drilling machines: The product type CNC 25.00 used punched tapes at first, later on cassettes were used. In the early 80s the first floppy drive was implemented in CNC 35.00. Since 2004 data exchange is established via Ethernet, for example in CNC 84.00.

"Our CNC controls have undergone a rapid development over the last decades", Torsten Blankenburg states. Among other improvements, the intelligent systems have become much smaller over the years: Whereas in former times the CNC was installed into a switch cabinet as tall as a man, today all components of a CNC including drive amplifiers fit into a small chassis the size of two shoe boxes. The challenge of developing smaller, faster and more precise devices remains: In the early 70s a machine could drill 'only' 30 to 50 holes a minute, today this number has increased to 700 and more. In addition, the fields of application and requirements for PCBs have changed drastically over the years: Initially, the PCBs were designed for radios, today they are integrated in computers and mobile phones.

There were also geographic changes: Over the last two decades not only the PCB production shifted from Europe and the USA to Asia but also the manufacturers of PCB drilling and routing machines. Nowadays, SIEB & MEYER supplies the most CNC controls to Asian companies and only a few to European machine manufacturers.

CNC controls past and present
CNC controls past and present

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