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Successful Market Launch of the New Control System CNC 95.00

Product innovation by SIEB & MEYER

SIEB & MEYER based in Lueneburg (Germany) has successfully introduced the new control generation CNC 95.00 to end customers. The system sets standards regarding usability, performance and connectivity, once again confirming the company’s global market leadership in the field of CNC control systems for mechanical drilling and routing of PCBs.

The completely redesigned user interface allows intuitive use, which reduces the potential for errors. In addition, the control system is optimized for a quick and easy setup. The hardware and software system provided by SIEB & MEYER consists of the CNC controller as well as servo amplifiers and frequency converters for HS manufacturing spindles. All components are optimally adapted to each other. This in turn makes performance improvements in terms of productivity and accuracy possible.

In order to comply with current as well as future requirements of IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) and Industry 4.0 the control system uses a communication protocol based on MQTT. Additional protocols, such as OPC UA, SECS/GEM or Restful API, are available via micro services. Optionally, customers can also use web-based evaluating and visualization solutions, for example SM LineManager 4.0.

"Beside drive technology, CNC technology is the main pillar of SIEB & MEYER," Torsten Blankenburg, CTO at SIEB & MEYER AG, explains. "Since the beginning of CNC production about 40 years ago the development of these solutions has been ongoing and so has their success story." SIEB & MEYER sees itself as system supplier that provides customers with a product perfectly suited to the individual applications of PCB routing and drilling – including user interface, CNC motion controller, frequency converters, servo amplifiers and last but not least suitable IO terminals.


CNC 95.00 User interface
The completely redesigned user interface of CNC 95.00 allows intuitive use and reduces the potential for errors

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