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SIEB & MEYER Expands the Performance Spectrum

Frequency Converter SD2M: Wider Range of Customized Versions Possible

SIEB & MEYER has expanded the performance spectrum of customized solutions based on the frequency converter series SD2M yet again. Now, the company can implement customized devices with motor currents up to 650 A – either equipped with air cooling or with liquid cooling. Thereby, SIEB & MEYER provides the complete implementation process from conception to serial production of the customized solution; the customer gets all services involved from a single source.

"The used three-level technology combined with switching frequencies of up to 16 kHz generally makes operation without additional motor chokes or sine-wave filters possible. This results in significantly reduced system costs compared to competitive products," Torsten Blankenburg, CTO at SIEB & MEYER AG, explains. "With the expanded performance spectrum we can use these advantages in a number of applications, for example turbo blowers."

Standard versions of the frequency converter SD2M with multilevel technology allow operating high-speed motors with a rotating field frequency of up to 2000 Hz and a motor current of 424 A at a switching frequency of 16 kHz. Synchronous and asynchronous motors can be operated vector-controlled with and without speed sensors, e.g. in turbo compressors or turbo blowers. Applications that require a regenerative system can also benefit from the three-level technology. For this purpose the SD2M variant with a DC voltage supply is combined with power supply units/mains inverters capable of regenerating energy, e.g. for test benches, spindles in machine tools, ORC systems or flywheel energy storage units.

SIEB & MEYER provides customized solutions in the field of high-speed frequency converters and feed-in systems as well as intelligent drive amplifiers. The range of services is far reaching and includes simple hardware adaptations, such as special housing shapes or interfaces, as well as completely redesigned devices and functions. All products are manufactured in the modern production facilities at SIEB & MEYER – with high quality and in flexible product quantities: Anything is possible from the prototype to serial production of several thousand devices or assemblies per year.


The frequency converter SD2M by SIEB & MEYER allows implementing customized solutions with motor currents up to 650 A
The frequency converter SD2M by SIEB & MEYER allows implementing customized solutions with motor currents up to 650 A

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