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SIEB & MEYER at the SPS IPC Drives Trade Fair

These Solutions Pay Off: Frequency Converters and Servo Amplifiers by Experts

Again this year, SIEB & MEYER exhibits at the SPS IPC Drives held in Nuremberg from November 28th to 30th, 2017. The fair visitors can convince themselves of the well-proven frequency converters and servo amplifiers of the Lueneburg-based company. The portfolio also includes the innovative frequency converter SD2M with multilevel technology. The operator is on the safe side with series SD2, as these devices feature the safety functions SFM (Safe Frequency Monitor) and SLOF (Safe Limited Output Frequency) for motors without speed sensors.

"Our goal is that SIEB & MEYER devices provide our customers with a significant added value," Torsten Blankenburg, CTO at SIEB & MEYER AG, says. "With the integrated safety functions that is the case, as both functions help the manufacturers of machine tools to fulfill the increasing demands on productivity and personnel safety." TÜV Nord has approved both sensorless functions Safe Frequency Monitor (SFM) and Safe Limited Output Frequency (SLOF) for the SD2 drive amplifiers. Both functions are approved according to EN 61508:2010 and fulfill the requirements for a safety integrity level of SIL3. The safety function SFM enables the operator to detect if a sensorless spindle drops below a safe speed after it was switched off. The safety function SLOF makes sure that a critical speed is not exceeded. Both functions are based on the function Safe Torque Off (STO) that is integrated in all SD2 drive amplifiers as standard. The outcome is a functional and cost-effective solution.

The additional benefit of the frequency converter SD2M for the operator is among other things the innovative three-level technology which is designed for output powers of up to 367 kVA and rotating field frequencies of up to 2,000 Hz. The three-level technology and switching frequencies of up to 16 kHz ensure a very good current quality which reduces motor losses and increases the overall efficiency. Furthermore, an excessive rotor heating is prevented and the load on bearings as well as insulation stress are reduced. Expensive LC filters are not necessary and can be replaced by smaller and low-cost motor chokes. Synchronous and asynchronous motors can be operated vector-controlled with and without speed sensors, e.g. in turbo compressors or turbo blowers.

Applications that require a feedback system can also benefit from the three-level technology. In this case, the new SD2M variant with a DC voltage supply is combined with power supply units/mains inverters capable of recovering energy, e.g. for test benches, spindles in machine tools, ORC systems or flywheel energy storage units.

With the platform SD3 SIEB & MEYER offers its customers an open servo amplifier with output stages of up to 55 kVA. The development tool includes function libraries for the basic drive and control functions of modern servo amplifiers. Based on this the customer can realize special features covering his core competences on the basis of C/C++ programming and protect his know-how. Additionally, various software functions and an integrated web server are available. The support of an OPC UA-based communication provides the basis for Industry 4.0.

Furthermore, the drive system SD2S, especially developed for high-speed applications, will be showcased at the trade fair. The drive amplifier SD2S is established in the machine tool industry amongst others – for example in high-precision internal grinding. But also applications such as turbo compressors and vacuum pumps are extremely suitable for the SD2S. The system can be integrated by plug and play and allows highest motor powers at lowest possible motor temperatures.

Please visit SIEB & MEYER at SPS IPC Drives 2017 in hall 4, booth 4-230.

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