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Servo Amplifier SD3: Ready for Industry 4.0

Flexible solutions for various customer demands

The servo amplifier SD3 is now available as serial device with different performance ranges. The supplied development tool provides extensive function libraries with basic drive and control features of modern drive amplifiers.

Based on this open software architecture and by means of extensive function libraries that are provided, the customer can realize application solutions covering his core competences on the basis of C/C++ programming himself and protect his know-how. The support of an OPC UA-based communication provides the basis for Industry 4.0.

"Using our servo amplifier SD3 users stay flexible", says Torsten Blankenburg, CTO of SIEB & MEYER AG. "The application offers an open solution for customer-provided software making it optimal for Industry 4.0 projects."  In addition, various software functions for user interfaces, statistics, camera integration, communication, data storage and an integrated web server are available. Hardware solutions with power output stages up to 55 kVA are available. Option modules allow flexible integration of different fieldbus interfaces as well as additional digital and analog interfaces.

Servo amplifier SD3: Ready for Industry 4.0
Servo amplifier SD3: Ready for Industry 4.0

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