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New Software Tool Motor Analyzer Enables to Simulate the Interaction between Motors/Spindles and Frequency Converters

Enhancement of the Parameterization Software drivemaster2

SIEB & MEYER enhanced drivemaster2, the software for parameterization and initial operation, by the efficient function "Motor Analyzer". This function enables to simulate the operating points and the expectable ripple currents, both of which result from the interaction of motors or spindles and the corresponding frequency converter. The tool supports experienced operators and developers during the project planning phase.

"In general, it is not possible to foresee if theoretical motor data and spindle data can be reproduced under real operating conditions," Torsten Blankenburg, CTO at SIEB & MEYER AG, explains. "This is why we developed the tool Motor Analyzer which depending on the corresponding frequency converter enables to run significant simulations." Thanks to this new tool the operator can verify operating points such as speed, power or torque considering the available motor data, mains voltages and characteristics of the frequency converter. All this happens before the actual realization takes place. Additionally, the expectable ripple currents are simulated and hence, the use of motor chokes can also be planned beforehand. "The tool avoids errors in interpretation and guarantees an optimal system operation. All in all, it also reduces operating costs," Blankenburg points out.

The software drivemaster2 by SIEB & MEYER allows easy and quick parameter setting as well as initial operation of SIEB & MEYER frequency converters. Asynchronous motors are suited to the frequency converter via the V/f curve, whereas synchronous motors are parameterized by entering the data of the usual motor data sheets. The clear design of the software allows intuitive use by means of graphics and block diagrams. A "parameter wizard" guides the user step-by-step through the system configuration of the frequency converter and also features interactive help messages and comments for additional support. For diagnosis purposes or to optimize motors the software comes with an integrated but comprehensive oscilloscope function that is operable without any additional measuring equipment. SIEB & MEYER customers can download the software drivemaster2 from the company website. The latest software and firmware updates are also made available there on a regular basis.


Motor Analyzer - the new software tool bySIEB & MEYER
New software tool motor analyzer enables to simulate the interaction between motors/spindles and frequency converters

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