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New, Revised Version with Housing

Frequency Converter SD2B plus: New Functions Adding Value for Our Customers

SIEB & MEYER offers a new version of the frequency converter SD2B with additional functions and an IP20 housing. SD2B plus enables a sensor-based control and is equipped with the safety function STO as well as an internal logic voltage supply.

"We always adjust our products to our customers' needs," Torsten Blankenburg, CTO at SIEB & MEYER AG, explains. "This is the reason why we have further developed our especially compact frequency converter SD2B." The new version SD2B plus enables a sensor-based control on the basis of TTL encoders. Thus, motors can be operated with speed control and torque control from speed 0. It will still be possible to operate low voltage asynchronous and synchronous motors at speeds of up to 120,000 rpm. Furthermore, SD2B plus is equipped with the safety function STO (Safe Torque Off) as standard. Hence, increasing demands on machine safety can be implemented at low costs. From now on a logic voltage supply is provided by default which makes the external 24 VDC supply redundant.

The frequency converter SD2B by SIEB & MEYER is particularly suitable for CAD/CAM routers, which are for example used in dental laboratories, for jewelry and engraving applications as well as for producing advertising displays. The solution ensures lowest motor heating and is characterized by its compact design. The "classic" version of SD2B as an IP00 version features a space-saving single-PCB design. Therefore, it enables a quick and easy integration into the customer's machine. SD2B plus enhances the classic version and is featured with an IP20 housing of 25 mm height only. For an easy parameterization the new version not only provides two TTL encoder inputs and outputs but also five digital inputs and outputs and a USB interface as standard.

SD2B plus
SD2B plus

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