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Further Development of Software drivemaster2

SIEB & MEYER provides users with new service tool for spindles

SIEB & MEYER has extended its central PC software drivemaster2 by a new spindle service tool that is used to parameterize running-in cycles of spindles. With the next software release customers can use the new tool for all frequency converters and servo amplifiers of the device family SD2x.

The spindle service tool allows spindle manufacturers and repair staff an automated as well as monitored parameterization process of spindle running-in cycles. "Ball bearings, in particular, require individual and defined running-in cycles after installation to achieve the specified concentricity and service life," Torsten Blankenburg, CTO at SIEB & MEYER AG, explains. "With the spindle service tool users can implement the running-in cycles without external control or PLC. In practice, this makes the process step feasible without a complex test station, which reduces the costs significantly."

The software drivemaster2 is the control center of the complete SD2x product family. The intuitive user interface supports the user in a simple and fast way, from parameter setting and initial operation to diagnosis. SIEB & MEYER updates and extends the software continuously; recently the function "Motor Analyzer" was added: This is a powerful tool for motor and system developers used to verify the motor regarding best possible performance data.


Spindel-Service-Tool by SIEB & MEYER
Spindel-Service-Tool by SIEB & MEYER

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