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Continuous Expansion of Performance Spectrum Leads to Success

Innovative frequency converter SD2M opens up new application fields

Since SIEB & MEYER introduced the frequency converter SD2M with three-level technology four years ago, the device writes a nice success story: The company won numerous new customers for series production, for example in the field of high-speed turbomachines such as turbo compressors, turbo blowers and turbo generators. Besides, the frequency converter SD2M is still the first choice for machine tool applications or test stations.

"Since the introduction of our innovative SD2M with three-level technology, we have continuously expanded the performance spectrum of the frequency converter and, therefore, were able to tap into new application fields," Torsten Blankenburg, CTO at SIEB & MEYER AG, explains. "In summer 2016 we launched, for example, new models with DC voltage supply." These models allow operating SD2M with power supply units capable of regenerating energy. This way applications with a process-related repeated braking operation can also use the benefits of the three-level technology, for example machine tools and test rigs. The DC supply makes other applications in the regenerative field possible as well because the frequency converter SD2M can convert energy of a generator with high efficiency into a suitable DC voltage. SD2M models with 3-phase mains supply on the other hand, aim at application fields with a continuous load such as turbo blowers or turbo compressors.

The frequency converters of series SD2M prove themselves by the maximum output at minimum required space, reduced system costs and high efficiency. The devices are designed for complex automating tasks focusing on the field of high-speed applications, such as volume cutting of aluminum integral components that are used in the aerospace industry. SD2M comes with the innovative three-level technology designed for output powers up to 432 kVA and rotating field frequencies up to 2,000 Hz. The three-level technology and switching frequencies of up to 16 kHz ensure a very good current quality, which reduces motor losses and increases the overall efficiency. This prevents excessive rotor heating and reduces the load on the bearings as well as insulation stress. Thanks to the frequency converter, customers can do without expensive LC filters or use smaller, cost-saving motor chokes instead.


Frequency converter SD2M opens up new application fields
SD2M by SIEB & MEYER – a success story: In the field of high-speed turbomachines but also in machine tools or test stations the innovative frequency converter becomes more and more established

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