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High-precision Synchronization of Several Drives

Motion Controller MC2

The Motion Controller MC2 and the corresponding drive amplifier series SD2S by SIEB & MEYER have proven successful in a number of applications that require a high level of precision and synchronization. These include direct imagers for the PCB production, 3D printers for mould making and kinetic systems with large working areas.

The Motion Controller MC2 by SIEB & MEYER is a specialist for the precise and synchronous control of several drives – hence, the device has proven its worth in direct imagers developed by a German manufacturer. The direct imagers are used for PCB production amongst other applications. These innovative machines are used for the transfer of strip conductors to the PCB material with the aid of UV LEDs. MC2 is responsible for the control of the complex exposure processes. The most important feature of the control unit is the reliable synchronization of up to eight drives. Since direct imaging requires high precision and a high resolution over partly long travel distances, the control tasks are very complex.

3D printing for mould making is another field of application exactly suited to the performance features of MC2. The procedure is similar to that of the direct imagers; the material is printed or exposed to light layer by layer, then it needs to harden. The processes have to run absolutely synchronous to achieve the required level of accuracy and quality.

Last but not least MC2 can be used to operate kinetic systems with large working areas that require several motors to move the axis. By means of the gantry function MC2 controls the individual motors to each other to prevent the axis from getting jammed. The gantry system allows easy positioning of unequally distributed masses in a kinetic system. This method makes positioning on large working areas much more accurate than mounting a motor in the center of the working area.

The Motion Controller MC2 is the connective link between a higher-ranking control level (PLC, IPC etc.) and one or more SIEB & MEYER drives. It receives data and commands from the higher-ranking control and forwards these to the drive. The higher-ranking control is connected to MC2 via Ethernet. The communication with the SIEB & MEYER drives is established via SERVOLINK 4 (optical fibers). The real-time operating system of MC2 ensures synchronous data transmission to all connected drives. This makes controlled spatial movement of the axes possible.

SD2S drive and MC2 motion controller
MC2 can be used to operate kinetic systems with large working areas that require several motors to move the axis

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