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Frequency Converters for High-Speed Spindles Tailored to the Needs of the Customer

Customized Solutions by SIEB & MEYER

Proven technology customized: To meet the individual needs of a customer SIEB & MEYER realized a tailor-made version of the frequency converter FC2 with a specific housing exactly adapted to the provided mounting conditions.

The customized FC2 can easily be mounted into the machine without any additional components. Unlike the standard version the customized frequency converter is not realized with integrated power supply. This makes the housing more compact and allows mounting the FC2 directly into the drive package – in this case adjacent to the servo amplifiers. As a result the central supply voltage of up to 350 VDC available in the machine can be used to the supply the frequency converter.

"SIEB & MEYER provides customized solutions in the field of high-speed frequency converters and feed-in systems as well as intelligent drive amplifiers", says Torsten Blankenburg, CTO at SIEB & MEYER. "Our know-how is based on our standard modules which are well-established on the market." The frequency converter FC2 is conceived for parallel operation of up to eight high-speed spindles. One application example of FC2 is the use in PCB drilling and routing machines with several asynchronous motor spindles driven at speeds up to 480.000 rpm. The pulse amplitude modulation (PAM) of FC2 ensures the required low heating and dynamic speed control. The integrated interfaces, for example for temperature and speed sensors, allow easy installation of the device. The wide-range power supply integrated in the standard devices supports supply voltages from 200 to 400 VAC.

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