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Especially developed for turbo compressors and turbo blowers

New 450 kVA model of the frequency converter SD2M

SIEB & MEYER extends the SD2M product portfolio in terms of performance. In the 1st quarter of 2020, SIEB & MEYER will launch a liquid-cooled variant with 450 kVA@480 VAC power and 630 Arms rated current. Although this device has 50 % more power than the 300 kVA variant, the construction volume stays the same. The extremely compact dimensions of about 1,200 mm x 450 mm x 350 mm (HxWxD) allow a space-saving integration into the customers' systems.

"We have developed the new device specifically for turbo compressors and turbo blowers. Especially in the field of high-speed turbomachinery, SIEB & MEYER could win numerous new customers for series production of the frequency converter SD2M over the past years", explained Torsten Blankenburg, CTO at SIEB & MEYER AG. "Besides, the SD2M is still the first choice for machine tool applications or test stations where it proves itself by maximum output at minimum required space, reduced system costs and high efficiency."

SIEB & MEYER serves its customers with a continuously improved, innovative frequency converter with three-level technology. At the beginning of 2018, the Lueneburg based company has once again extended the performance spectrum of customized solutions based on SD2M. Now, the company can implement customized devices with motor currents up to 650 A – equipped with either air cooling or with liquid cooling. Selected SD2M variants are by default designed for the operation in unearthed IT networks. This means that device modifications for that purpose, for example hardware changes, become unnecessary.

The innovative three-level technology of the frequency converter SD2M and switching frequencies of up to 16 kHz ensure an excellent current quality, which reduces motor losses and increases overall efficiency. This prevents excessive rotor heating and reduces the load on the bearings as well as insulation stress. Thanks to the frequency converter, customers can do without expensive LC filters and can use smaller, cost-saving motor chokes instead.


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