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Drive Platform SD3

Solid Know-how, Service and Manufacturing Expertise Result in Additional Benefit

The drive platform SD3 by SIEB & MEYER is a customized solution for complex, autarkic drive tasks. Beside an open system architecture that can accomplish almost all control, drive and visualizing tasks, SD3 users benefit from a wide range of additional services with high value added.

There is a wide range of applications for servo amplifiers and frequency converters that is successfully realized with proven standard technology. But several applications have special demands towards the drive technology and therefore require customized, application-oriented solutions for optimal performance. The drive experts of SIEB & MEYER  are specialists for such solutions. For 50 years now, they have gained expertise in various fields of application. These include the use of real-time operating systems as well as control technology in the automation environment and communication via different field bus systems. In addition, the developers have comprehensive know-how in power electronics as well as electric, thermal and control-side circuit simulation and in mechanical 3D construction.


Solid Know-how and Unique Characteristics

"We always focus on the user and his individual requirements for our solutions and we make use of our entire know-how in all fields to provide the customer with the best possible solution", says Torsten Blankenburg, CTO at SIEB & MEYER. Customers who decide on a solution by SIEB & MEYER automatically benefit from many years of experience with high-speed rotary, synchronous and asynchronous motors or generators and the available sensorless operating modes as well as expertise with high-dynamic positioning applications operated by servo motors, e.g. bolt tightening or press processes. Special requests, such as customized graphical user interfaces in Windows and Linux or energy-efficient systems for feeding electric energy back into the grid, count among the performance spectrum of SIEB & MEYER as well as wide knowledge of international standards and constructing test systems.


From Development to Serial Production

SIEB & MEYER is also a reliable partner in the field of manufacturing electronic assemblies and devices. The company possesses high-performance, modern machinery for the entire scope of SMD mounting. During the production process fully automatic test equipment like AOI and ICT is used. Thus, components of the highest quality can be produced. In the field of THT assembly fully automatic machines, light-guided assembly tables and a manual assembly line with subsequent lead-free wave soldering are available. Beside electronic components, SIEB & MEYER produces the device housings in the field of mechanical sheet metal forming and prints the front panels with modern ink-jet technology and customized motives, if desired.


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