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Compact Drive Amplifier SD2B

Customized Solutions in Single Board Design for High-Speed Spindles in the Low Voltage Range

SIEB & MEYER expands its product range with the drive amplifier SD2B ‒ an extremely compact drive solution in single board design for high-speed spindles in the low voltage range. The new drive amplifier provides powerful control technologies that permit operating synchronous and asynchronous motors without sensors at speeds up to 120,000 rpm.

In the field of drive technology standard solutions quickly reach their limits when operating high-speed spindles since these drives are not especially designed to control high-speed motors. The reason for this is the motor heating which requires special attention in this field of application. Due to their small rotor volume, high-speed motors allow only low over temperatures. If this is not considered during the development of the drive amplifier, costly motor failures are to be expected. Besides, low motor temperatures are the basis for high machining qualities in many fields of applications, such as grinding machines or dental instruments. If the grinding spindles become very hot, the material of the processed work pieces will expand. Consequently, grinding is not as precisely as required.


Easy Machine Integration Thanks to Compact Design
Low voltage spindles are often used in compact machine concepts providing very limited space for electronic components. SD2B with its space-saving single board design and compact dimensions of 142 x 110 x 55 mm can be used in the most compact systems. This drive amplifier is specifically developed for direct integration into the electrical construction. Therefore, the standard design comes with all interfaces required for the connection to a higher-ranking control. These include analog reference value signals (+/-10 V), digital I/Os, RS232 and CAN bus. The wide range of input voltages of SD2B (24... 90 VDC) allows optimal adaptation to the supply voltage of the machine and to the specific rated voltage of the motor. An external operating unit with display can be connected for easy operation.


Trouble-free Parameter Setting
The SIEB & MEYER PC software drivemaster2 allows easy parameter setting and initial operation of the drive amplifier SD2B. The drive amplifier is adapted to asynchronous motors via the V/f curve, whereas synchronous motors are parameterized by entering the usual motor data sheets. The clear design of the software allows intuitive parameter setting by means of graphics and block diagrams. A "parameter wizard" guides the user step-by-step through the system configuration featuring interactive help messages and comments for additional support. Furthermore, an oscilloscope function integrated into the software allows optimization of the motors in the machine via the drive-setup-tool and without the need of additional measuring equipment.

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