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Servo Amplifier SD2B plus

The servo amplifier SD2B plus allows sensorless operation of low-voltage asynchronous and synchronous motors with speeds up to 120,000 rpm, as well as control with TTL encoders.

Due to this motors can be operated speed-controlled and torque-controlled even from speed zero. The safety function "Safe Torque Off" (STO) is integrated as standard in the device to allow low-cost realization of the steadily increasing demands towards machine safety.

The NRTL/CSA certified devices are easily integrated into systems for the US market with no additional approvals needed.


  • Master-Slave-Operation

    Synchronization of several SD2B plus via TTL encoder inputs and outputs.

    Autarkic high-precision synchronization of several SD2B plus Servo Amplifier without external control components.

    Lower system costs.

  • Integrated Logic Voltage Supply

    NRTL/CSA certified.

    asier integration into machines for the North American market.

    Lower costs, as no additional approvals are necessary.

  • Parameterization via USB

    Logic voltage supply via USB interface.

    Parameterization of SD2B plus without connected voltage supply is possible via the USB interface, which allows pre-configuration of devices outside the machine.

    Lower system costs.

The Space Marvel

The IP20 housing of SD2B plus convinces with its reduced construction height of only 25 mm. This special compact design allows easy and flexible integration of the device. Besides two TTL encoder inputs and outputs SD2B plus provides five digital inputs and outputs each, analog reference value setting as well as a USB interface for easy parameterization. The serial bus connections CAN and RS232 are integrated as standard and allow realization of all control processes.

The Interfaces of Servo Amplifier SD2B plus

  1. USB connection, parameterization, diagnosis and operation
  2. Analog reference interface +/-10 V
  3. Safety integrated "STO": Restart lock to meet category 4/PL e according to EN ISO 13849-1:2015 and EN 61508:2010 SIL3
  4. 5 digital inputs and 5 digital outputs
  5. RS232 / CAN interface
  6. 2 TTL encoder inputs and outputs
  7. 2 TTL encoder inputs and outputs / BISS-Renishaw
  8. Motor connection
  9. DC supply

Drive Functions and Ssafety Functions


Software for Initial Operation and Parameterization: drivemaster2

The oscilloscope function allows optimization of the axes in the machine via the drive-setup-tool without additional measuring equipment.

The clear design of the software allows intuitive parameterization via graphics and block diagrams. The „Parameter-Wizard“ guides the user step-by-step through the system configuration and allows intuitive setup of the device via help messages and comments.

Technical Specifications of Servo Amplifier SD2B plus

Device type Rated power1) Rated current Peak current/time Max. output voltage1) HxWxD (mm) Weight Cooling
Device with housing (SD2B plus) - 1 x 24...48 VDC supply voltage
0362171DA1x 2) 740 VA 13 Arms 15,8 Arms/10 s 3 x 33 VAC 165 x 120 x 25 0.55 kg Air
Device with housing (SD2B plus) - 1 x 24...80 VDC supply voltage
0362171DB1x 2) 940 VA 10 Arms 12 Arms/10 s 3 x 55 VAC 165 x 120 x 25 0.55 kg Air

1) Rated power and max. output voltage for mains voltage/supply voltage (in italic)
2) NRTL/CSA certified


  • High-speed spindles are the key components of a machine tool. Only when operated in an optimal way, the desired machining accuracy, productivity and service life of the whole machine is guaranteed. 


  • For dressing applications, it is essential to keep the spindle temperature low: a temperature increase in the spindle causes a longitudinal growth and therefore a shift of the tool position. 


  • Small CAD/CAM routing machines are used, for example, in dental laboratories for jewelry making or engraving works as well as for producing advertising displays. 


  • Polygon scanners are based on special optics and operate, for example, sorting machines. Up to now, manufacturers had to install encoders to run these scanners with a high speed stability.


Servo Amplifier SD2B plus

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Servo Amplifier SD2B plus

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