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SD2B plus by SIEB & MEYER with NRTL Certificate and Higher Output Current

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Broadening the range of applications

Since last year SD2B plus is available with NRTL certificate and as high-current version. This offers many advantages for customers: On the one hand, the certification facilitates access to the US market and on the other hand, the new device achieves 30 % higher rated and peak currents with unchanged construction volume.

SD2B plus is designed as high-dynamic servo amplifier for rotary and linear low-voltage servo motors, but also for the optimized operation of high-speed low-voltage synchronous and asynchronous motors. To allow as many applications as possible, the standard design of SD2B plus offers an optimum of maximum operating voltage and rated/peak current (80 VDC/10 A). "For the high-current version we have reduced the operating voltage to 50 VDC, which allows the use of power semiconductors with a higher rated current", said Torsten Blankenburg, CTO at SIEB & MEYER AG. "The higher output current of 13 A significantly extends the application field of the device."

The opportunity to evaluate BiSS-C absolute encoders makes the range of applications for SD2B plus even broader. SD2B plus can now operate low-voltage linear motors used, for example, for Z-axis adjustment in machines for direct imaging or 3D printing. With the absolute encoder evaluation there is no need for a homing function.

SD2B plus comes in a compact IP20 housing with a height of just about 25 mm. The device features include the STO safety function and an internal logic supply. Beside two TTL encoder inputs and outputs and the BiSS-C interface, the device provides five digital inputs and five digital outputs as well as a USB interface for easy parameterization. The SERVOLINK interface allows operation with the SIEB & MEYER motion controller MC2 and the use of the gateways for PROFIBUS, PROFINET and EtherCAT.