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Progressing Development of SD4x Frequency Converter Series

Press releases

SIEB & MEYER implements additional improvements for future customers

On the way to a new, sustainable SD4x series of frequency converters for high-speed applications SIEB & MEYER has brought the software base and control system to series-production readiness. A further innovation is that users can look forward to an additional drive function. Moreover, the tool Motor Analyzer was enhanced.

"This year we particularly worked on the software and logic base of series SD4x which is now stable and technically mature," said Torsten Blankenburg, CTO at SIEB & MEYER AG. "This ensures that SD4S - from the very first available device - can be operated without any functional restrictions. The goal is to launch the already presented SD4S variant in the field at the beginning of 2021." This frequency converter is designed for small high-speed spindles or motors in a power range of a few hundred watts. Hence, it fills a gap in the product range of the frequency converters. Since the basis for the SD4x series is established now, the focus in 2021 is to enhance the SD4S variants in terms of performance, starting off with a switch cabinet variant with 1.5 kVA.

The SD4S switch cabinet variants are the pioneers of series SD4x." The objective is to gradually replace devices of the SD2x series with SD4x devices. Established customers can transfer the parameters from their SD2x devices. This is of great help and enables an easier switch from SD2x to the SD4x series. Also interesting for future users: SIEB & MEYER has enhanced the existing drive functions by a vector control for asynchronous motors with encoder feedback and thus extended the application range of the SD4x series even further.

Moreover, the tool "Motor Analyzer", already known from drivemaster2, was further developed by SIEB & MEYER in drivemaster4. The tool enables meaningful simulations of the frequency converter operation. This allows for an FFT analysis of the simulated output current. With the figures of the Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) of the motor curent (THDi) and the motor voltage (THDu) the user is able to estimate the motor warming more precise. The optimized Motor Analyzer is part of the parameterization software drivemaster4 which SIEB & MEYER also optimized and extended.