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Expansion of the Power Range

Press releases

Multilevel frequency converter SD2M supports new power level

SIEB & MEYER has expanded the application range of the three-level frequency converter SD2M: The increase in output power and the output current to 470 kVA / 800 Arms (at 400 V) allows for powerful system solutions in the sector of turbo blowers and turbo compressors. The manufacturers in this application field can benefit from the SD2M and the already existing device variants across their entire range of services.

The power requirements for turbo blowers and turbo compressors increase steadily. The reason for this is that users require higher air volumes at lower costs and smaller construction sizes. The new construction size of SD2M can certainly contribute to this: On the one hand, by increasing the output power or output current compared to the so far largest available variant with 365 kVA / 630 Arms (at 400 V). On the other hand, with its compact design made possible by using an efficient cooling system.

In the application field of turbo blowers and turbo compressors, the three-level converter series SD2M offers also other significant advantages: These become most apparent when considering the efficiency of the overall system (from mains supply to motor shaft) of such a machine. Particularly the dynamic and sensorless control technology as well as output stages specially designed for high-speed applications are key factors here. Compared to technologies based on standard converters, the series SD2M scores with distinct advantages in terms of overall efficiency, construction size, weight and costs for the respective overall system. In most cases expensive additional components are not required, for example motor LC filters or motor chokes.

SIEB & MEYER continuously develops the frequency converter SD2M further. Recently, the development primarily focused on the expansion of the interfaces, for example Modbus RTU and device variants with DC supply or terminals for providing the DC link voltage.