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Standard Data Interface for SIEB & MEYER CNC Controls


SIEB & MEYER equipped its CNC controls with a standardized interface to meet the increasing demands of modern industrial environments.

For many years now, SIEB & MEYER has been connecting its products to systems of third-party providers, e.g. DNC servers as well as MES and ERP systems. These interfaces address the sector's specific requirements and hence can be referred to as proprietary. However, a universal industrial standard did not exist up to now.

In the last years the demand for efficient optimization, flexible and automated production processes rapidly increased in the industrial sector as well as in PCB processing. In general, demands such as production planning, predictive maintenance etc. are summarized under the term "Industry 4.0". This goal can only be achieved with an integrated networking of all components. Just as important is a standardized communication interface from company level (ERP) down to the field level.

Market analyses have shown that OPC UA has taken on an increasingly significant role as M2M communication standard in different sectors. This has been the main focus of SIEB & MEYER. As a result, we equipped our CNC controls with a standardized interface. The OPC UA standard allows for machine data to be described and exchanged, independent from manufacturers and platforms. Hence, data is made available between all the connected systems within a company.

During runtime, data is transferred via the OPC UA interface between client and server. The variable names and variable types as well as objects with any information and their relations to each other are represented in the OPC UA server. Functions such as historical data and alarms are defined based on names, values, attributes, methods and events. An object is for example a control mechanism for the wear of a drilling tool with a drill stroke counter, alarm parameters and alarm limits.

SIEB & MEYER is convinced that not only is OPC UA a standardized and future-oriented data interface, but also a robust and stable solution for reliable 24/7 operations. Thus, CNC controls by SIEB & MEYER can be integrated in customer-specific systems and production environments.