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CNC 93.00 presents well-known functions in a new form

The CNC 93.00 provides the operator with an extensive but also simple solution for drilling pin holes and managing templates. These functions are mainly used for routing operations.

Configuration in the CNC

In the first step, the machine manufacturer defines the most important settings for the end customer in the Configurator under "Pinning".

Production settings and Template management

In the second step, the operator can adjust further settings to the production process (see blue frame in the piczture below).
Additionally, this page serves to manage pin templates (see yellow frame in the picture below). The templates can be saved as a project and reused later on. Thus, existing pin holes on already used templates won't be lost, because all data are stored in a pin data base. Especially after multiple program runs the template can become very confusing. However, the CNC software is able to find free pin positions until last for the next run in a safe and effective way.

Find free pin positions

The CNC 93.00 picks up the well-known effective and safe searching function for free pin positions and presents it in a new way.
After the program is loaded and the pinning mode is activated, the pin holes are displayed in the graphic. The operator can search for free pin positions manually or automatically. He can also choose the starting position for the search. This is accomplished by shifting the position of the program area in the graphic display or by clicking the button "Automatic search". Especially the automatic search for free pin positions provides the operator with a quick, effective and trouble-free way of positioning pin holes.
If after a run new pin positions shall be used, the pin check is executed: It checks whether new and already existing pin holes overlap with each other. This function is crucial for safe pinning.


As a particular advantage, the CNC 93.00 offers a simple handling of the pinning settings in the Configurator as well as in the page "Pinning" for modifying production settings and managing templates. Thanks to the implemented template management, templates can be reused until last. This function enables the customer to save time and money.

The functions introduced above are the basis for further functions, such as e.g. automatic pinning.