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„My Parameters“ - the Freely Configurable Tool Page

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The new, freely configurable tool page "My Parameters" makes everything easier: Switching between different tool pages, in order to see and edit tool parameters and functions, e.g. for nibbling or peck drilling, is now obsolete. 

Tool parameters and tool data in the CNC 9x.00 user interface are divided into different tool pages by topics. Hence, the daily use can lead to a frequent search for the correct page. Now, tool parameters and tool data from different tool pages can be individually and easily arranged in the new tool page "My Parameters".

If the tool page "My Parameters" is activated in the Configurator, all tool parameters and data can be intuitively and comfortably adopted in the new tool page via the context menu of the right mouse button. The order and number of the columns in "My Parameters" is freely configurable as required. 



The configurated tool page can be saved as a partial configuration and thus easily applied to other machines. This means a significant time saving: Once one CNC machine is configured as required, the partial configuration can be reused for all CNC machines in one factory.

So what are you waiting for? The benefits of the new tool page "My Parameters" are obvious: You have all at a glance thanks to the individual and intuitive configuration and display of different tool parameters and data in one tool page. Additionally, the partial configuration can be reused for different CNC machines.