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Mark for later

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A feature in CNC 95.00

The CNC 95.00 sets new standards for operation, traceability of part program execution and performance. The new options for drilling, depth-controlled drilling and routing provide permanent control and traceability of each program block. Every PCB production process is performed easily and reliably.

The CNC 95.00 allows the machine manufacturer to adjust features individually to customer demands or realize their own solutions, for example machine sequences after contact drilling events.

"Mark for later"

The CNC 95.00 saves the data provided for every hole individually for the spindles. All events are also saved. Events can be executed automatically at a later date or individually by the operator without the need to stop the process. This saves time and resources.

Graphical support.

The operator is informed on events via the graphical display of the program already running during the execution of the program.

Summary and overview of the events

The CNC 95.00 provides the operator with a detailed and clear overview of all events at the end of every execution. The machine manufacturer can define the information displayed in the overview individually to the demands of the end-user.

Depending on the access level the CNC allows individual selection and execution of re-drilling processes.

If re-drilling options are not be set by the operator, re-drilling of depth-drilling events or broken drill events are done automatically by the CNC 95.00. The CNC 95.00 provides various options for handling events. The default script offers the most reliable solution for handling events.
The CNC 95.00 provides flexible solutions for adjustment to the manufacturing processes as needed.


Re-drilling data is continuously recorded. The reached depth values, positions and re-drilling data is continuously recorded in a log file for transfer to the customer if required.

Re-drilling during the execution

Alle events can, of course, also be handled directly by the operator during the execution. The CNC 95.00 allows configuration of processes as needed via the corresponding settings.

Immediate re-drilling with new surface, surface of the last hole, no re-drilling or better yet "mark for later" at the end of the execution?

Individual Adjustments

The CNC 95.00 allows the machine manufacturer to realize individual adjustments and to implement own choices for all maintenance and problem solutions. Software updates by SIEB & MEYER are not required, the machine manufacturers can adjust their process directly. These processes can be selected by the operator or foreman via the "USER VALUES".

The CNC 95.00 always provides logical steps for event handling that can - but do not need to - be adjusted on demand.