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Integration of the CNC 9x.00 into an Automation Solution via RPC (Remote Procedure Call) with SM IIoT Connect

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The CNC 9x.00 displays tools clearly in the user interface and manages them safely. The tool management and its display can be controlled via OEM scripts that can be customized as desired.

The software solution SM IIoT Connect by SIEB & MEYER AG enables a uniform access to the CNC machine's production data. By means of the software solution existing production machines can be upgraded with standard protocols, such as OPC UA. OPC UA can be used for a range of standard applications which enable quick and flexible readout and automation of the CNC control.

The SM IIoT Connect software can be used to remotely control the CNC 9x.00 by means of OPC UA method calls. Thanks to the OPC UA standard each step of the production process can be monitored and controlled. The access is enabled by an OPC UA default software or by an own software complying with the standard. In principle, the programming language can be chosen freely. Reference implementations exist, for example, for the following programming languages C, C++, C#, Python and Java.

An OPC UA client can be used to send part programs, ATP files and diameter table files as well as CNC commands to the CNC and also to read them out. Furthermore, it is possible to directly control the CNC 9x.00 via OPC UA methods. Commands such as "Start" or "Stop" can be easily transferred.



The machine manufacturer can freely choose which OPC UA client is used for calling methods. In this example, the client program UaExpert is used to send a CNC command to the CNC via the OPC UA method "RPC_CNCCOMMAND":


The successful processing of the CNC command in the CNC 9x.00 is displayed as the status "Succeeded" in the "Data Access Viewer":