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Flexible Enhancement of the CNC 9x.00 User Interface via "External App"

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Thanks to External Apps it is possible to enhance the existing CNC 9x.00 user interface with new functions and displays via HTML content. The HTML content is reloaded and can be adjusted with CSS style sheets to match the design of the user interface or the desired design of the corresponding customer. 

Common web servers and JavaScript frameworks are supported. The use of SM IIoT Connect makes it possible to communicate with the CNC 9x.00 control directly. Thus, functions such as loading and executing part programs, sending commands or interactions via flags are allowed. This enables an efficient communication with the CNC. 


This example shows the live data of a camera measurement. Depending on the HTML content it is possible to display several camera images on the page. Hence, the camera software is embedded in the CNC 9x.00. Besides the images, it is possible to visualize other information such as deviations.

The embedded HTML-content makes further applications possible: integration of a dashboard, display of job-related information or integration in MES or shop floor systems.

The functionality of the CNC control is significantly enhanced when integrating the External Apps in the CNC 9x.00 user interface. As a result, a broad range of applications is possible as well as an individual design that can be seamlessly embedded into the existing design of the CNC 9x.00 user interface.