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CNC 95.00 - The Drive Package

CNC News

Proven Technology Now Even More Powerful!

For the new CNC 95.00, the proven drive package of CNC 84.00 has been further developed according to the new requirements and using the latest technologies.

The new SERVOLINK 10 bus system has a transmission rate 10 times faster than that of the CNC 84.00 drive package, allowing more drive information to be transmitted to the motion controller more quickly. This enables a better accuracy and specific control of the axes. Disturbances during the movement are compensated more precisely.

The "surplus" of possible drive data can be used especially with regard to IIoT. For example, continuous logging of the currents can be used to detect wear in the machine and prevent failure.

The optical fiber of the SERVOLINK 10 does not require connectors. The fibers are inserted directly into the transmitter and receiver sockets. If required, the optical fibers can be manufactured on site from yard goods off the roll without special tools.

The cooling in the units has been modified so that the units are more robust against poor environmental conditions. The air is now directed through the unit in such a way that it no longer flows directly through critical areas.

By using new components, the performance of the devices could be increased without increasing the installation space. For multi-axis devices, the maximum power of the device can now be distributed to the individual channels via the CNC 95.00 software. As a result, the variety of devices could be reduced, which means more common parts and therefore lower costs for spare parts supply.

With these innovations, the CNC 95.00 and CNC 93.00 drive package is optimally equipped for current and future requirements.