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Advanced Analysis Options per OPC UA Events During and After Production

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Events provide information about something specific is happening, for example a machine malfunction or the end of production. The SIEB & MEYER CNC9x.00 provides events, that can be used outside of the CNC9x.00 by using OPC UA.

If changes occur in the production, for example stops in the execution or the end of a process, events can inform about those special states. These data are stored in the event history and can be analyzed after production to detect sources of errors like tool breakage. The event evProductionIssueDrill is practical for evaluating further data on tool breakage and initiating measures to prevent tool breakage. 


Furthermore, it can also be useful to deal with different states during the production by using OPC UA events. Events in general enable comprehensive monitoring and reporting of operating data in real time. The events evRunBegin, evRunEnd und evRunAbort are common in use to trigger a push notification on a control center or smart phone app. This allows the operator to react quickly and efficiently to malfunction during production.

In order to use events outside of the der CNC9x.00 it is necessary to install SM IIoT on the Communication Controller. The OPC UA events are provided in the data model.

With the OPC UA events, SIEB & MEYER AG expands the IIoT part of the CNC9x software with important analysis options. These provide the user features for real-time monitoring and post-processing or preparation for efficient automated production.