Frequency Converters

We keep your motor cool - even at high speeds!

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Frequency Converters

Take advantage of our know-how and make our frequency converters the basis of your project.
SIEB & MEYER is the right partner for you.

Frequency Converters for Milling, Drilling and Grinding Spindles

High-speed spindles in machine tools require a high rotating field frequency and allow only low excess temperatures due to the small rotor volume. Our frequency converters are able to generate these frequencies and guarantee a low heating of the motors by means of special control technologies.
Whether for machine tools in the size of a single-family house or for small CAD/CAM milling machines with limited space, SIEB & MEYER has the right solution. The converter in question is suitable for sensorless as well as for sensor-controlled operation of synchronous and asynchronous motors up to a speed of 120,000 min-1. The parameterization can be easily realized via the software drivemaster2.

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Frequency Converters for Turbo Compressors, Turbo Blowers and Pumps

Frequency converters by SIEB & MEYER were especially designed for high-speed motors. They provide the rotary field frequencies required for these applications and guarantee a low heating of the drives by special control technologies.
Frequency converters with innovative three-level technology allow switching frequencies of up to 16 kHz and thus reduce the power loss in the rotor by up to 90 percent, compared to converters with 2-level technology.
The SIEB & MEYER frequency converters guarantee highest speeds, lowest motor heating and best control performance. In the range of rotating field frequencies >2,000 Hz, device variants with controlled intermediate circuit and pulse amplitude modulation (PAM) are also available, which even at highest speeds, do not require additional motor chokes.

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Frequency Converters for Turbo Compounders, ORC Units, and Flywheel Applications

The efficiency of systems for waste or residual heat utilization (ORC systems), of turbo compounders and of flywheel applications can be significantly increased with the optimal frequency converter technology. Standard frequency converters are only partially suitable for this purpose, because they are usually optimized for frequency ranges up to 400 Hz only. Frequency converters by SIEB & MEYER, in contrast, are designed and optimized especially for high-speed applications. They provide rotating field frequencies up to 2,000 Hz, i.e. 120,000 rpm, with switching frequencies of up to 16 kHz and with an innovative three-level technology.
The matching frequency converter has a system efficiency of up to 98 percent, which results in reduced energy costs. The combination of highly dynamic vector control and highest speeds opens up completely new application possibilities for users.

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Frequency Converters for Customized Solutions

Benefit from our longtime know-how! From the project planning phase to serial production – you get everything from a single source at fast, adjustable and at economically viable conditions.

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