CNC 95.00



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Program Zero

A Feature in CNC 95.00 and CNC 93.00
For simplifying the work setup at the machine, the CNC software provides the page "Program Zero" with different…

Mark for later

A feature in CNC 95.00
The CNC 95.00 sets new standards for operation, traceability of part program execution and performance. The new options…

Record sales for CNC experts

CNC controls by SIEB & MEYER make an important contribution to the 5G expansion
The electronic components required for the 5G infrastructure create new demands on the PCB production which SIEB &…

CNC 95.00 - The Drive Package

Proven Technology Now Even More Powerful!
For the new CNC 95.00, the proven drive package of CNC 84.00 has been further developed according to the new…

Critical Areas - a Feature in CNC 95.00

Critical Areas are a special new feature in CNC 95.00. Their main objective is to ensure a fast and safe production.…

Automatic Deactivation of the Surface Contact

A Feature in CNC 95.00
The function "automatic deactivation of the surface contact" was implemented in CNC 95.00 in order to simplify setup and…

Record Sales in Business Year 2020

Sales increase at double-digit percentage rate
Successful even in times of crises: SIEB & MEYER AG achieved record results in 2020, especially in the business unit…

Positive Business Development at SIEB & MEYER Continues

New production hall for a higher production capacity
In 2020, SIEB & MEYER AG achieved record results, especially in the business unit CNC controls. After the first four…