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Tailor-made Servo Amplifiers and Frequency Converters

Customized Drive Solutions by SIEB & MEYER

When used in special machines or special applications conventional drive modules meet their limits – these demanding tasks require customized solutions that are suited exactly to the individual requirements. The German specialist for drive and control technology SIEB & MEYER based in Lueneburg realizes these customized modules for the customers – from conception to serial production. The individual systems are based on the established product range of the company from Lueneburg.

SIEB & MEYER provides customized solutions in the field of high-speed frequency converters and feed-in systems as well as intelligent servo amplifiers. The range of services is far reaching and includes simple software and hardware adaptations, such as special housing shapes or interfaces, as well as completely redesigned devices and functions. The customized solutions are designed on the basis of SIEB & MEYER standard components that are successfully established in the market. In addition, SIEB & MEYER looks back on more than 50 years of experience from many customized drive systems that are produced in series quantities between 50 and 10,000 pieces.

Know-how for Customized Drive Components

From joint planning to serial production of the specific solution – SIEB & MEYER offers everything from one source. Each project begins with a professional consulting service, then we work in cooperation with the customer on the appropriate concept as well as the functional requirements and the specification sheet. For the development phase we have all experts needed in-house – e.g. in the fields of power electronics, control technology, PC and embedded programming, PCB layout, EMC and mechanical construction. In order to accomplish the development targets timely but safely we use modern simulation and design tools amongst others.

As a matter of course, all involved departments coordinate their work throughout the whole project: "Our development teams work hand in hand with the production. Only this way we reach maximum innovation and flexibility," says Torsten Blankenburg, CTO at SIEB & MEYER. All products are manufactured in the modern production facilities at SIEB & MEYER – with high quality and in flexible product quantities: Anything is possible from the prototype to serial production of several thousand devices or assemblies per year. But the SIEB & MEYER range of services includes much more than that: Aside from a detailed documentation we offer training courses for the individual products and our quick and comprehensive support helps the customers with any further questions.

Customized Frequency Converters for Specific Demands

The customized drive solutions are based on the established product range by SIEB & MEYER. For an international manufacturer of motor spindles the Lueneburg-based company designed a high-speed frequency converter based on the control technology (hardware and software) of the well-proven SD2S series. The compact frequency converter is used for the sensorless operation of spindles with asynchronous and synchronous motors in the low-voltage range. In order to enable worldwide use SIEB & MEYER has implemented a wide range input with active power factor correction (PFC). A DC/DC converter with high-frequency pulsing limits the maximum output voltage. Compared with the previously used drive solution SIEB & MEYER has managed to increase the output power from about 160 VA to 420 VA – with unchanged construction volume.

Another customized frequency converter – designed for a manufacturer of PCB drilling machines – is based on the serial device FC2.  This solution should be integrated in the existing machine design to operate up to eight high-speed spindles in a speed range of up to 480,000 rpm without using a sensor. No problem for the FC2: This device permits the operation of low-inductive asynchronous motors without additional motor chokes via pulse amplitude modulation (PAM) up to an output frequency of 8,000 Hz (480,000 rpm). The functional spectrum of the standard device already includes the parallel operation of up to eight asynchronous motors as well as the separate evaluation of the temperature sensors. SIEB & MEYER adapted the electronics of the power supply unit and the device construction to the machine conditions. During this process the engineers were able to reduce not only the installation space but also the wiring work.

Servo Amplifiers for the Automotive Industry

The customized drive solutions by SIEB & MEYER prove successful in the automotive industry as well. "The customer planned a compact fastening control using his own control card and a servo amplifier purchased in addition," remembers Mr. Blankenburg." The servo amplifier should work as central component and supply the control card. Two different installation concepts of the servo amplifier were demanded – one with device housing for a switch cabinet and another as board solution." Due to the application the motor as well as the driving servo amplifier require a high overload capacity – the construction volume, however, should remain quite small. The process data – such as the torque and the rotation angle – should be transmitted via the motor cable. For this purpose the servo amplifier should provide specific sensor interfaces.

SIEB & MEYER assisted the customer from the design phase to serial production. In cooperation the partners developed a customized system solution that, for example, provides the interface for the transducer evaluation on the servo amplifier and not on the control card for connection-related reasons. There are six different device variants based on only one PCB layout with different equipment variants, which makes the greatest number of common parts possible. Together the companies developed the hardware and software interface for the control card enabling a flexible access to the servo amplifier. Hence, the application software could be implemented easily and independently. In the course of the device development a UL certification was obtained, as the customer also became active on the US market.

These examples prove that SIEB & MEYER is the right partner when it comes to customized drive solutions. Thereby the customers benefit from the fact that SIEB & MEYER offers everything from one source: from joint planning to serial production of the specific solution. This approach not only assures an efficient implementation but also an optimal adjustment of the products regarding each customer's special demands – a literally "tailor made" solution.

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