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Drive System MC2 by SIEB & MEYER

Inkjet Legend Printing with a Precise Control

Legend printing is used to provide relevant information such as IC and resistor numbers on a PCB before assembling the circuit board. Additionally, bar codes and QR codes can be printed on the PCB. The JetRite printing machine by Adeon prints at high speeds with a superb printing quality. The advanced drive system MC2 by SIEB & MEYER provides the required precision for this process.

Adeon is a distributor of PCB printing machines with its headquarters in Breda, the Netherlands. The privately owned company offers a broad product range of machines and systems for the PCB manufacturing industry. Adeon provides full-service for the distributed products that is either available on a case to case basis or as a maintenance contract. Therefore, the company employs highly dedicated and qualified engineers who attend regular training. The extensive stock of spare parts for the distributed machines is a further benefit for their customers.

Quick and Precise Printing

Adeon's product range includes JetRite, an innovative machine designed for inkjet legend printing. The legend printer is exclusively produced for Adeon by the company Ludwig Hunger Maschinenfabrik GmbH based in Kaufering, Bavaria. Hunger GmbH is a long-established family-run company in the third generation. The company manufactures machines for the automotive industry and cutting-off machines for hard materials as well as special purpose machines. Furthermore, Hunger GmhH has profound experience in the field of precision engineering.

The digital printing system JetRite, produced in Kaufering, is characterized by a quick setup time, high printing speeds and a superb printing quality with a high resolution and precision. "Loading and unloading as well as printing, auto alignment included, take only 32 seconds. This is nearly unbeatable!" explains managing director Markus Hunger. "The outstanding image quality with its standard resolution of 730 dpi is also a great benefit.“ Legend printing enables to print up to two colors (seamlessly switchable) with immediate LED UV-curing and thus allowing front and back sides to be printed consecutively. The robust and reliable machine prints fully configurable serial numbers and bar codes as well as single markings on faulty boards of a multi-up panel. Last but not least, the machine features a printing stripes optimization, a fully automatic cleaning system and a flexible log system. "Legend printing eliminates a lot of extremely labor intense processes such as screen printing and photolithographic processes," Markus Hunger explains. "Additionally, JetRite doesn't consume as many expensive materials as other comparable machines.“

A Precisely Controlled Drive System

The high precision is possible thanks to the drive system MC2 by SIEB & MEYER which is used in JetRite printing machines. In this case the drive system includes two SIEB & MEYER drives of the series SD2S (up to eight drives are possible) which are controlled by the motion controller MC2. The drive amplifiers can evaluate all common measuring systems and reach an exceptional positioning accuracy at a very constant speed. These features guarantee a high quality of the manufactured products. The real-time operating system of MC2 ensures synchronous data transmission to all connected drives. This makes controlled spatial movement of the axes possible.

The printing unit of JetRite machines is synchronized depending on the speed and by means of control signals from the servo amplifiers SD2S. "The printing process requires a good speed synchronization of the axes," explains Norbert Bajon, sales representative at SIEB & MEYER AG. "The print head is synchronized by means of positioning signals of the print axis, as is the case for inkjet paper printers.“ The higher-ranking control is connected to the motion controller MC2 via Ethernet based on the DNC-361 protocol. Using the provided documentation the customer can easily implement the protocol into his application software. Hence, the various motion functions of the drive system MC2 are available in the application software. The communication with the SIEB & MEYER drives is established via SERVOLINK 4 (optical fibers) by SIEB & MEYER.

Thanks to the drive system MC2 the JetRite printing machine runs smoothly. "The components' reliability is impressive," Markus Hunger confirms. “Also, the fast and hassle-free technical support, whenever needed, has impressed us.” This is why Hunger GmbH also uses the same control components in other products, for example, in a precision cut-off machine with three axes.

System Specifications of the Drive System:

  • Ethernet interface with DNC-361 protocol (UDP telegrams)
  • Point-to-point control, position interpolation points
  • Linear and circular interpolation
  • Gantry, gear function
  • Scalable trigger function (optional)
  • Internal resolution up to 20 nm (standard 100 nm)
  • Very precise synchronization
  • Parameterization and optimization via software drivemaster2 and drivemaster3


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