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Go-ahead for Frequency Converter SD4S by SIEB & MEYER

A new construction size complements switch cabinet variant with 800 W / 1.6 kVA

SIEB & MEYER AG reports good progress on the development of the new SD4x series of frequency converters for high-speed applications: Presently, the first SD4S device variant is shipped to customers; a second construction size will soon be ready for market. The initial practical experience has been positive in every respect.

So far SIEB & MEYER has introduced a switch cabinet variant of SD4S with 800 W / 1.6 kVA. At the end of the second quarter of 2021, another construction size with 1,600 W / 3.2 kVA will be available. The state-of-the-art SD4S variants make an optimal basis for the operation of high-speed spindles and motors in the power range between a few hundred watts and 1.6 kW. "With regard to functions and control technology the SD4x series provides even higher gains compared with the predecessor series SD2x. One example is the expansion of the speed range of the sensorless control up to 240,000 rpm." said Torsten Blankenburg, CTO at SIEB & MEYER AG. "We have already gathered initial positive practical experience with sensorless synchronous motors in the speed range up to 180,000 rpm (3,000 Hz)." For comparison: Sensorless operation of the predecessor series SD2x was limited to 120,000 rpm (2,000 Hz).

In the long run, the SD4x devices shall replace the frequency converters of series SD2x. In order to make the switch as simple as possible, established customers can transfer the parameters from their SD2x devices. Also interesting for future users: SIEB & MEYER has added a vector control for asynchronous motors with encoder feedback to the existing drive functions and thus extended the application range of the SD4x series even further.

In addition, SIEB & MEYER continuously develops the new parameterization software drivemaster4 for international customers: Beside the German and English user interface, the software will soon be available in Chinese. Japanese, Korean and French will follow. drivemaster4 is the control center for the frequency converter series allowing initial parameterization and initial operation as well as diagnosis. The integrated software tool Motor Analyzer enables meaningful simulations of the frequency converter operation, for example the new FFT analysis of the simulated output current.


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