In Case of Service

If you are in need of service for your machine, please contact your machine manufacturer always at first. The machine manufacturer is best acquainted with the interaction between mechanics and electronics in your machine.
In case no machine manufacturer or service partner is available, please contact our service department for support. Please note that extensive support will be charged!

Please keep the following information at hand:

  • Device type and serial number of the SIEB & MEYER device (type plate)
  • Machine manufacturer and machine type
  • Controller type
  • For questions regarding drive technology: the type of motor that is connected


Generally, the machine manufacturer is your main contact person for repairs of SIEB & MEYER products. If you would like to send in a SIEB & MEYER device for repair, please attach the form repair order (FB041) to your delivery note.

Before sending us a device for repair, please check the list older products for any additional information regarding the status of the device. SIEB & MEYER products marked with “suspension of delivery” will not be repaired.


SIEB & MEYER offers two different repair procedures:

  • Standard repair with a processing time of max. 3 weeks
  • Express repair with a processing time of max. 2 working days

Repair procedures

Standard repair

You have sent a device for repair either via your machine manufacturer or directly to SIEB & MEYER. After receiving the device we will provide the sender with a delivery notification including a service order number (90000……) valid for this specific procedure.
The repair works are carried out with a processing time of 1–3 weeks. The device is returned to the sender.
Exception: The machine manufacturer as sender wishes a direct delivery to the end customer. The sender receives the bill for the repair.

Standard repair with cost advice

The procedure is almost the same as for standard repairs. In this case, however, the sender wishes to receive a cost advice before the device is repaired.
The sender will receive the cost advice within 1–3 weeks. If the repair is technically not possible, a new device of the same type will be offered. The sender has to decide whether the device shall be returned unrepaired or scrapped. The costs will be charged upon repair or delivery of a new device.

Express repair

In order to avoid a long machine shutdown the special service “express repair” can be chosen. This service is charged per device.

Special rules apply to express repairs:

  • Prior to sending the device for repair SIEB & MEYER has to approve the special service to the sender. This can be done via e-mail or telephone.
  • The estimated arrival time at SIEB & MEYER for the device has to be announced.
  • The repair works are done within two working days and the device is returned and charged according to the customer´s specifications.

An urgent cost advice is handled like an express repair and the additional costs are charged whether the device is repaired or not.

Repair Order

If you want to send us a device for repair, please use the following form for detailed information regarding the repair:

Repair Order